How to get more customers for small business

using Social Networks

How to get more customers for small business using Social Networks

How to get more customers for small businesses using Facebook- it can be your set up question. But how can you deal with your small business on Facebook? We have already talked many times about the multiple benefits of social networks like Facebook. But, we haven't talked much about how they can help us get customers. Because social networks can also be a channel for new sales. So today we are here to teach you some effective tips to get customers using Facebook. 

So how can we get customers through social media?

  • Some networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, include applications that allow you to create your online store directly. This is especially interesting if you sell physical products, as they can help you complete your e-commerce sales.
  • If you market sales advice for services or products, you will be interested in getting lead or potential customers without direct sales. In that case applications like LinkedIn "Lead Gen" can be very effective for you. Because it allows you to insert qualification forms directly into your social network

You can see, there are a number of apps on social networks that can help you get more clients. But you need to have a good communication and content strategy centering on your conversions. You can make so many online marketing strategies like Influencer marketing, social media marketing, and many more. But the content strategy should be included here and this is a must. Also, you can apply some effective things to get more clients from social network marketing like Facebook influencer marketing and so on. 

Tips to get customers through social networks

  • Create friendly and appropriate content for each social network. Many times we fall into the temptation to communicate only on the benefits of our products or only on specific offers. Social networks are flooded with such content and it is difficult to attract user attention. So, you should try to create more interesting content. In this sense, the video can be your great ally, as it is much easier to use, shows a new image, and is in favor of promotion through social networks.
  • Use the most appropriate social networks for your target audience. Each network has different characteristics. So that makes it more relevant to different sections of the population. You should focus on one or the other depending on the product or service you are marketing. But there is a social network that is often forgotten by small and medium-sized companies. And yet it covers a wide area it is none other than YouTube, a significant video social network. So try to learn more about it if you want to start with the Influencer marketing type strategy. Do you know what Influencer marketing is? if not then learn it now.
  • Ads on social networks are behind multinational channels. For this reason, we are witnessing a revolution in the promotion of payments on networks in recent times. In fact, we’ve seen how Facebook advertising campaigns can be profitable if you know how to keep it going.
  • Be prepared to see your websites come from social networks. You must take into account that the most used device for consulting with social networks is mobile. For this reason, if your network does not adapt to the small screen, potential customers who come to you from social networks will leave without completing their purchase or requesting more information.
  • Analyze, measure, and optimize. The most important thing to increase the number of your clients through social networks is to constantly optimize your strategy. Imagine you created a video explaining how to use any of your products and publish them on Facebook and YouTube. It can be like an Influencer marketing campaign. If you don’t measure the impact of each social network, you can’t determine where you should focus more on your next promotions.


The first thing to keep in mind is that you cannot approach the strategy of converting or attracting a customer to Facebook without applying it biologically in a promotional way (through advertising). Digital marketing and the way of strategy can help you a lot but you have to define it properly. 

What do we mean by that? If a Facebook user sees an ad for their brand on their "newsfeed" (wall) and clicks on your brand name on Facebook instead of clicking on the ad, they will be taken to the company's Facebook page ... And if it's not streamlined, it doesn't have contact information, it doesn't have quality publications, photos, videos, it doesn't respond to mentions, it doesn't increase followers or interactions ...?

Thus, as a brand, confidence will not be generated and it is negative for conversions, for the image of the brand, to attract customers. It is advisable not to create a professional page and to conduct promotional campaigns as long as the social network is managed by professionals.
The second thing to keep in mind is that when we meet a promotional campaign (for example, an ad on Facebook), it is not possible to consider each branch separately, it cannot address the recognition campaign. From an individual for consideration or conversion.

In fact, the idea is to run a campaign for each branch so that, on the one hand, we can achieve through a company's Facebook page, SME or self-employment:

  • Brand recognition,
  • That users consider taking actions on the Facebook page and
  • That conversion is finally generated by services or by-products.

And this last part of the conversions, whenever it's a service company, should have a landing page with it. As we explained earlier, landing pages contribute to the motivation to engage in general pages with the contact forms of a website.

#Gaining customers through Facebook: Consideration

Capturing clients on Facebook
So, considering all of the above, what should be considered to know how to attract customers to Facebook?

We must remember that Facebook is a social network that has the highest penetration of Spain in our country. One with the maximum number of users and maximum knowledge of registered users (likes, interests, cookies, relationships, interactions, etc ...).

Besides these, Facebook is a social network that has applied its advertising systems to the maximum and in more detail. So it is very important that an organization that wants to use Facebook to attract customers, should know about his customers. You should know what kind of customer your business wants to reach and if this type of customer is on Facebook.

When you know this, how professionals can get campaigns, messages, attention, where and how to launch promotions on Facebook / Instagram (mobile, computer, etc ...) and this makes it easier to attract customers, the goal is more effective. And closer.

#Attract clients through Facebook: The investment

So, something that should not be neglected and it can be specific to attract clients, investment.

Like any promotion on Facebook (and any social network) for any conversion target and device, time, and place where the promotion will appear when designing visitors ... The lowest value (impact) must be the minimum number of users.

But, be careful that even if any door is crossed (referring to the investment) it does not create more knowledge (which can become a client) than making the right investment.

#Winning customers on Facebook: Summary

So we already have everything necessary to be able to attract clients on Facebook:

  • Knowledge of the public you want to reach.
  • Knowledge of the campaign generation tool.
  • Knowledge of the campaigns to be launched.
  • Knowledge of mixed, organic, and promoted strategies.
  • Knowledge of Adequate Investment to generate useful campaigns.

We can summarize how we can get customers on Facebook by considering the accounts we have commented on and the knowledge requirements we have explained. It needs to have a reliable, solvent marketing company that knows all the ins and outs of the social network like Facebook. And who knows how to apply marketing strategies to convert traffic to your company's potential customers coming from social networks.

Isabelle Evans