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6 Importance of Social Network Marketing

An organization that isn’t on social networks is the same with closed business or at least today’s customers search the internet for the products and services they are interested in before making a purchase. If your potential clients are on social networks, your organization must have it. It is very common. Although, of course, “staying” is not enough. Your online reputation largely depends on how you manage your business presence on the networks and you must have a good social media strategy to be successful.

Customers of any organization, without them like sand in the desert, we will sink into failure. But finding clients is not easy and gaining their trust is harder and more important. In this article, we are going to see how we can get new clients if we dedicate ourselves to social networking. And what we need to do to gain their trust with our work even with different marketing strategies.

Before you go out looking for clients, it is convenient to determine what our objectives as an organization are, what our differential values are, what products or services we provide, and what client profiles we want to attract. Otherwise, we could have walked aimlessly. Is your network ready to succeed on social networks?

First of all, we are going to define what "a customer" or "a Client" is.


By the client, we understand that the legal or physical person for whom certain services or products are required and provided to them by another person or organization in exchange for consideration.

It should be noted that not all clients are in your favor. As an online marketing professional, look for clients that align with your experience and your organization's goals. There’s nothing to say “no” to projects that you don’t think are capable of tackling, don’t inspire you, or projects that your organization isn’t “client type”.

It is also important to note that no customer is a friend. A friend should not be a customer. You just lost a friend and a client. Even better, consult a colleague. In time, they will thank you.

Once this point is clear, it is time to start fishing for fish, to look for clients.


Starting a new business is very important, especially if you are just starting out. And it's not easy. Also, it is usually an unpleasant task, which requires a lot of sacrifices and does not always carry the desired result. But we absolutely need to do it and do it well so that our project can move forward and grow further. Diversification is also important. In other words, don’t rely on one or two clients. If so, your future will depend on them. Let's take a look at some of the steps we can take to win over new clients.


  1. Digital Marketing. As a digital marketing consultant, you think they will help companies build businesses through the internet. So apply the story! You need to be the first client of your organization. Draw a digital marketing plan whose main goal is to get new customers and execute it. Focus on different social media platforms and apply different marketing strategies

    Among the various tools of implementation, SEO is the best management of your social networks. Also, you can have the experience of planning to promote advertising on social media. This is the best strategy to create new business. You can promote a marketing campaign to expand your digital marketing plans. Here Influencer marketing can help you a lot.

  2. Boost your personal brand. In the Internet age, building a personal brand is crucial to differentiate yourself from your competition. If we want to build our personal branding or personal brand, we must first answer these questions:

    • Who I am? What is my value?
    • How am I? What positioning do I want to achieve?
    • Goals. What are we trying to achieve?
    • What makes us unique?

    Although we did not reflect on the previous four points, our personal brand already exists on the Internet. It is now a question of managing it effectively. And why is it important? Because more and more companies, when looking for competitors, the first thing they do is look for what is published on the networks about potential candidates. Do you really think that if someone is accustomed to criticizing your boss on your Twitter account, someone will hire you?
    But it’s not just about enhancing our personal brand that they can find us. More important is who we want to do this with. And when someone needs a professional, it doesn't feel like "I need a digital marketer or social media marketer or a community manager." Don’t think about the “professional” - if you can - who has had an “impact” on him before and is building his personal brand better based on his professional goals. Let him think, "I need (read your name)".

  3. Make networking. Networking is not handing out business cards. It is to build a network of contacts based on mutual trust. For this, honesty is the primary ingredient. Apply it to different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on. You can apply the Social networking strategy to them if you are confident about it.

  4. Help others and they will help you. It is said that whoever gives more receives more. And so it is. Help others without expecting anything in return and you will see how that "help" returns to you multiplied.

  5. Recommendations. Your good work is undoubtedly your best business card. If your clients are happy with your work, they will refer you, and thanks to them you will get new clients.

  6. Organize free campaigns for potential customers. These must be about a subject that you know perfectly well and it works for them. There is no “self-talk” gossip. It’s a great show to introduce yourself, to show off your skills. You will see that the people present will soon ask you for an offer.

  7. E-Mailing. To meet legal requirements, it is advisable to plan email activities for those of you who have previously tried quotes or subscribed. If you need expert services in digital or online marketing, keep in touch with them and let them know it's a good idea.

Of course- the content of the mailing must be of interest. For example, a post where you explain how to register a business in Google My Business. It is not an authentic commercial email.

We hope this article has helped you improve your customer management skills with these tips for your social networking plan. It is not an easy task. Gaining experience over time of what you can learn from all clients and pre-imagine much more than you can. Now it's your turn. Hunt there for new customers. See how provocative it is. You can use a unique marketing strategy like Influencer marketing to get more online actions. These can give you the best results over social networking and marketing campaigns. All the best for the plans that you care for your online business and marketing.

Isabelle Evans