How to choose

an influencer for your brand

How to choose an influencer for your brand

Influencer Marketing is a growing marketing idea in the current year of 2021. The digital marketing world is constantly expanding. On a competitive basis, marketing strategies are also developed. People are now building their community based on their following ideas. And they are trying to select them from individual influential people. These interactions always put pressure on them as an effect to perform a certain task. Thus marketers and traders are trying to create effective marketing strategies for their growth. But choosing an effective influencer to make the results plan work.

There are many ways to choose the right influencer for advertising. Here are 6 easy steps to make the best decision to promote your ad. To increase ROI (return on investment), not just audience and purchase level.

Align the influencer's target audience with your brand
This may seem obvious but it is something that is often overlooked. We must always ensure that the selected influential followers are potential clients of our brand. A group of young gamers will not be used when we provide life insurance.

Align values and get results
It is essential that the company’s goals and values are grouped according to the influencer’s theme. Because it can help achieve better results.

Align the style to be more accurate
We must ensure that the tone of the communication, the image of your brand, and the products of the company are integrated with the theme of the influencer.

Define the type of influencer
In this case, we must know the different types of influencers. There are various ways to categorize these so that they can be kind of but through social networks. However, the first option you should consider is the number of followers. There are 3 types of influencers that can be used to identify your company's brand and products depending on the influencer's followers.

Famous macro-influencers: 
They are all familiar people, either because they have succeeded in their profession or because they appear regularly in the media (television, magazines, etc.). These celebrities bring a lot of listeners with them on social networks, some even have a club of official fans.

In general, you can work with this type of influencer if the company’s budget is high. And if it is searched for, the more products and/or services it provides, the more people it reaches.

Macro influencers:
It refers to people who have introduced themselves on various social networks. Creating and sharing their own content and those who have been able to get a huge number of followers.

You can work with these influencers if the company has a medium budget and the goal is to build the brand of the company. And if its products and/or services were known to more people or re-established.

It refers to people who are familiar with themselves and who do not have a large number of followers on their blogs or social networks despite having a certain number of followers, but their goal is to become a macro influencer.

To work with these influences, the organization must have a low budget and want to introduce more products and/or services to more people.

Nano influencers:
These are recognized for having at least 1000 followers on their accounts. This does not mean, but, that not having a large number of people will not affect the community they run. In many cases, these accounts include people who sell a manufacturer's products and products whose customers are part of their community

These customers may be influenced by these nano influencers if they are supported by a brand that gives more value to their brand and their daily work.

Mix of influencers
You must set up a campaign network or "media mix" to find out who you can work with a variety of influential people. Consider the number of influencers you are going to use in the campaign you are referring to and what type they will be: 

  • macro-influencers celebrities, 
  • macro-influencers or 
  • micro-influencers, 

or if failing that you are going to mix with different influencers.

You must keep in mind the success of the campaign when choosing the mix according to the needs of the organization. This means that the success of the campaign will also depend on the marketing and communication strategy and the budget allocated for it.

Define the influencer's profile
Once the previous steps have been completed and performed, you need to define the guideline to follow for the influencer (s) you have chosen to advertise.

Here are some recommendations to review:

Media alignment: it means the networks. It should be checked very well that the influencer has enough influence in the media that fit the target audience of your company. Such as Web, blog, vblog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. 

Quality of the publications: This refers to the fact that the publications comply with the criteria and quality of the brand. And that in turn these are aligned with the objectives of the brand.

Engagement: It refers to the reactions generated in the publications, visits, comments, reactions, etc. Also, you can also measure the quality of the target audience that the influencer has.

Level of commitment: Not all influencers have a standard level of professionalism. So the influencer you chose must have a level of commitment that meets what is demanded by the company.

Availability of collaboration: This is one of the things to consider when choosing an influencer for promotion. Not everyone is ready to work with brands and products; The interest to cooperate with us is most important when we need to be allied.

How to choose an influencer and contact him

You can search online to find your online influencer for a business campaign. Also, we can leave you some agencies to contact influencers from different areas. But the fact is there are so many growing influence marketing platforms that can help you. Also, new companies are coming day by day. They can help you and facilitate the work when choosing an influencer. You can find options to decide on different categories, profiles, specializations, and opinions. One of the leading companies isJocial. The world's largest and mixed category influencers are here. You can choose the proper influential analysis report from here. First to last you can cover all your marketing plans with them.  

Not only finding the best influencer but also you can find other digital marketing plans. It is the best influencer marketing as well as a digital marketing agency that can help you from any aspect of the business. From its influencer world, you can find all types of influencers here. You will get all social influencers to global web celebrities also. Digital learning courses and business growing themes can make you a leader. So choose the digital platform to learn more about updated business marketing plans.   

Choosing a marketing strategy is never easy, especially when it comes to digital marketing. So if you want to implement this effective strategy, evaluate both short and long-term objectives very well. Consider the size of the investment and how long it will take to get it back. Finally, choose someone who is truly familiar with your business and can be the benchmark of your brand on the web so that you can achieve great success.

Do you like this method? We hope we have answered your question about how to choose an influencer. Don't waste time and start developing your influencer marketing strategy!

Isabelle Evans