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Theories of Web Traffic – Why Internet Marketing Cannot Do without It

Article submission is one of the most important things to make traffic on your website. In internet marketing, you can say article marketing also. There are so many Internet marketers who are using these tactics to get more traffic on their website. Most of them do not use other methods than article submission to bring traffic. Article marketing is totally free depending on your needs. You can use paid article submission if you want. The best part of article marketing is its high volume of traffic. People who are interested in your article can give you more impacts on how you submit an article on their interest. You can make more appeal using user required articles on your website. 

What is Article Marketing- Know the exact meaning.

Article marketing simply defines the process where you can submit an article on your user demand. It is the writing and presenting the article over your web directories. Article marketing is focused on targeted traffic. The more your article is published the more you can get traffic. But you have to maintain the quality of it. Article marketing is an effective thing to convert your customer article to your website. You can generate most of your targeted people from here.

Submitted articles are search engines optimized with proper keywords. Authors who submit articles using keywords use web tools. Such as WordTracker ( or Google Suggest ( to search for keywords. The keywords are that people are popularly searching for. And the author includes them in their articles to get a better response. Articles have a better chance of showing search engine results when someone searches for that keyword. This way you will get your traffic through keywords as articles.

Now, why would anyone search with that particular keyword? The easy answer is -they want some information about that keyword. And if they search for it on search engines there is a huge possibility to get the related articles. If they found the related article and start reading or following, they can learn more and more information from there. This can happen when they click on the website link from the post. Since these individuals are already interested in the subject, there is a high probability that they will assist in this transformation.

One can Use Articles to Bring in Hot Traffic

Article submission and article making are not the same to get traffic on your site. But if you can make a proper article for your post you can be sure that people who will like it can visit your site. And after the impressive click most of them will join with you to do the business on your site.  But before this you have to know where you have to add this article and keyword properly.

Which means the place where you can submit your post or article. It is the directories that can help you make the traffic using the target people. You can find so many free sites or places that accept free article posting. Also there is a lot of premium stuff that can he3lp you generate traffic using the articles. But for the initial submission, we suggest you go for the free ones. Directories also follow their own strategies for search engine optimization. It will be on top of your keyword optimization.

You can see the following list below. With this you can know about the article submission directories:

Also there are so many places where you can post your article and promote the services to make money.  Below are a few such places. Just note that before becoming an author on these websites you have to go through the approval process as you will probably be paid for everything you submit here.

If you have posted articles in these places, you can be sure that you have a regular flow of visitors to your site. But, you have to make sure of the quality of your article. Also the language skill and information. If you can make your article more quality full and high informative you can generate more traffic with it. The more you care about your article the more you can expect visitors from them.

Internet Marketing and Social Networking

In Internet Marketing Social networking is also a vital topic now. At this age, people are connected with the internet not only for information but also for communication. This is the age of web 2.0. People are now using the internet to understand the motive of the uses. Like ideas, information gathering, product reviews, and so on.

Social networking means interaction and communication over the people on the internet. There are so many people who are now connected to the social network with each other. Here are some of them that are used as the social network platform now:

There are many features to this:-

Viral Marketing

It occurs when someone likes a product and offers it to another. Sometimes many of your friends offer you so many options to choose from. Like when a friend shops something from a store, he likes it and suggests buying it from the store. Can you remember this type of situation? It is called viral marketing. If you have a product, this is the best form of marketing. Because if you have the product you will suggest to your friend and family, even not, you will talk about it. This will increase the chance of buying the product from particular places. Viral marketing is basically done on the social platform. And so many of us do it with groups and our daily life-related topics. Top websites to make your internet marketing venture a full-fledged home business.

Starting with something is a totally different thing. And moving it forward consistently is a completely different thing. The same is true of internet marketing. You can start this anytime, but you have to do a few more things to turn it into a full-fledged home business.

Processes are an important part of streaming games. For that, you need to communicate with people to do different things for you - in fact they should be hired. One thing that will come to mind when you are in most managerial positions is when your group of hired professionals will perform the various tasks assigned to them by you.

Most likely you will need to write content for your articles, press releases, ebooks, reports, sales pages,  - your editor, a web designer to maintain your website, etc. Maybe you need a virtual manager to look after all these people.

Remember not to limit yourself to doing all the work yourself. Even if you think that no one can do what you do, you should look for the right people. Because if you don't, it won't take long for your growth to stagnate and win. There is a limit to everything you can achieve.

There are various job sites on the Internet from where you can hire these people. The following is a list of these job sites.

From this site you can hire the best professional and experts that you need for your Internet marketing works. You have to apply for the bidding system here. Mind it that the cheap one is not the best bid that you may think. Check and compare the sample work from the past work list and gigs that are listed. Also you can see the reviews that appeared on their profile.

If you have some hardworking and ambitious people, you can start working with them outside the portal. You can start giving over their work directly if you can make trust in them. It helps you save on marketplace fees and allows you to build effective partnerships with these people. When you are looking to take it as a full-time job, you will need skilled people to help you with whatever you do.

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