How to Use LinkedIn to Build

Relationships and Business Growth

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Relationships and Business Growth

Each company needs to know how to use LinkedIn for its business growth based on the B2B business model. It encourages social networks of labor relations and the lack of enough presence in them. That means the reduction of important business opportunities.

LinkedIn isn’t usually the companies ’favorite social network. It’s probably not as popular as other opponents on Facebook or Instagram. But having LinkedIn for business gives your brand high visibility and helps your ads sell more. So one can use LinkedIn to build relationships and business growth if interested.

But, LinkedIn also has some drawbacks that we must overcome with a defined strategy. Here we talk about all this in this post! Stay with us and keep reading end to this post: 

5 Advantages of LinkedIn for Your Business Growth

If you have doubts about whether you should place your resources on LinkedIn, let's see the advantages  you can get with it:

More quality in the visits that come to your website

A well-crafted LinkedIn company page brings quality visits to your website.

They are visits that come from a professional network, which means they are clearly interested in what they have to offer you or what you are saying.

According to a HubSpot survey, of these visits, 2% to 4% turned out to be a valuable tip that you can work on converting customers. Note that Facebook and Twitter don’t even reach 1%. They do not add the value of LinkedIn together.

Increase the visibility of your company in the sector that interests you

A digital presence in business is already a requirement of all organizations. Customers search the internet for advice before making a purchase decision. And don’t think that it only happens among end customers.

The purchasing managers of the companies do the same

They already have profiles on LinkedIn and thanks to the companies for publishing on LinkedIn, your message has reached them.

Improve the digital reputation and brand awareness of your brand

The fact that you have a place in social networks like LinkedIn allows you to showcase all your experiences in the sector.

Show your knowledge through the company page and reassure yourself to your client as a subject matter expert. This way you are taking place in the minds of your customers, taking their side to remind you when a purchase needs to be made.

Support your sales team

For your ads, it's easy to sell if you have a reputable company with a good image behind you.

They can share your posts on the LinkedIn page as an organization. In this way, you encourage close communication with customers.

This is a great pillar on which social sales based sales models should be built.

Facilitate collaboration with strategic partners

As your LinkedIn page grows, so will your organization. Not just for clients.

The publications you show in it show your professionalism and your product or service. This could lead to the establishment of potential collaborations with strategic partners. Either in the interest of product development, in the interest of internationalization, or for any other reason. This can increase the chance of immediate growth of your business.

The drawback of LinkedIn for business growth

So here you are here to use LinkedIn to grow your business, but you have to know it's drawbacks. Because without knowing the pros and cons you can not make the best possible result for your business.

We said in the introduction to the post that LinkedIn has a problem with our philosophy. And see we love this social network!

But there is a detail of its effectiveness that we want to be more flexible.

We will discuss that. Let's see what you think (you can write this at the end of the comments)

The LinkedIn page is fixed. This means you can't go with him or comment or participate in anything else on LinkedIn.

What happens on your page happens instantly on your page.

You may not participate in groups with him with the permission of Twitter, as may happen with other social network groups or interact with profiles (there is actually no difference between personal or company profiles).

This greatly limits the possibilities of generating engagement, although it forces us to spread high-quality content.

In short, its growth is more difficult and slow.

Essential items when using LinkedIn for business

It is not the reason for this post to prepare a Social Media Marketing Plan for your business.

But, when designing the strategy for your company page on LinkedIn you should omit some necessary actions that you must keep in mind.

Take great care of the content

If you read regular digital marketing blogs you will see that we have always emphasized content quality.

And qualitatively we mean that they must be effective and practical for users who come to your blog or your social networks.

Your followers are usually not interested in knowing your product catalog. It will benefit them to know what will be applied to them. Thus, focus on everything you publish, considering the basics that are at the heart of the client strategy.

Say “no” to inbred publications

You already know that you should work for your followers when you talk about yourself.

To this end, add that not everything you publish revolves around your organization. It is good that you share publications of other related organizations or news of your sector. So you get a rich and interesting company page for your users.

You must be regular in your publications and find the best time for them

Make ads with LinkedIn Ads

Social networks are not free. It's free to open profiles, but you need to invest in resources to keep them up to date. Also, they need to build a business and make money. If not, they wouldn't be there.

Thus, your scope of expression is limited. 100% of your followers don't see it. Finding followers is also quite difficult, as we have seen.

The solution goes through LinkedIn Ads.

It is true that in this social network clicks or impressions are more expensive than in others. On LinkedIn, the minimum bid per click is 3 dollars, while on Facebook you can get campaigns with a cost of fewer than 10 cents.

But, as we know from the survey, the leads that are obtained are of quality.

Do not hesitate to assign a monthly budget to it and you will see that the goals you have set for yourself are coming.

LinkedIn Conclusions for Business

LinkedIn is not the only social network for companies growth based on a B2B model, but it is the most important.

If we do not want to miss out on business opportunities, we need to be at the same level of digitization as our customers. And, conversations generated using LinkedIn for business provide an opportunity to maintain that drive.

In order for your strategies to work and achieve, you need to make proper use of the organizations provided by your social network. And this, combined with staff collaboration, forces you to move forward efficiently.

We hope we are able to clarify how to use LinkedIn for business growth. Did you find interesting what this post offers? What is your experience with it? Let us know your opinion. We are waiting for your valuable response.

Isabelle Evans