How to Make Money Being

A YouTube Influencer

How to Make Money Being A YouTube Influencer

YouTube Influencer's income is a curious topic in today's time. Many people mistakenly believe that the word “influencer” refers to a lot of followers on social media. And they have become famous through using these networks effectively. But, its scope is not limited to this.

Influencers can be people from different fields. They can be singers, models, physicians, businessmen, writers, or content creators, whose opinions significantly affect the values ​​and habits of their followers. This is why they are so attractive to brands.

Many people are joining YouTube now to make their presence as well as income solid. So many personalities raised their voice with different topics and contents. So how do these YouTube or social media influencers make their money with their content? Is there any secret recipe to make money? We will discuss YouTube influencers today.

YouTube Influencers & Their Income

There are so many people who have an idea about Influencers that they can make a lot of money. If they are questioned how the influencers make a lot of money they can not even answer it. But is that true that influencers can make a lot of money? Or how they can make money online?

YouTube influencers are one of the important influencers among other types. They can make a big impression of using their content power. As you know there is a segment in YouTubers. Micro, Mega, Nano influencers, and celebrity influencers are common ones.

Being a YouTube influencer is not difficult. But making an income through YouTube is much more difficult. Because you have to create a regular view of your channel and videos. Some people believe that if one has a lot of subscribers or following he can be a YouTube influencer easily. But the reality is the influencers level counts with the engagement of the audience and the ROI.

So if the ROI is increased the value of the influencer will grow. And the brands will appeal to the person easily. They will be interested in his presence with their branding and offer a package to the influencers. Overall if an influencer can make a proper engagement regularly and give an ROI result positively he can make a big amount of profit. Also, the YouTube video making income can grow his income more. So YouTube influencers have a lot of opportunities to make more income on YouTube.

How can YouTube Influencers make Money from YouTube?

When a person begins to distribute their own content through YouTube, this platform pays them an amount depending on the visits they get.

Youtube evaluates the production of the channel, the number of subscribers, and the visits in each of the videos. When they exceed the minimum of 10,000 visits, YouTube begins to show ads in their videos. And thus the creators earn money from commissions from that advertising.

It seems simple enough. But more than 300 hours of video per minute uploaded on this platform. And considering the number of videos that are uploaded to this platform daily, this sea of ​​content is a task for the most innovative and determined people.

The first thing to keep in mind is that on the internet there are different ways of receiving income. And if the influencer in question knows how to scale their business correctly, this person will have quite diversified sources of monetization. Now, what are these ways to receive money in exchange for that creation of content on the network? Well, even though there are many, many ways to do it, the main sources are:

  • Google Adsense: For creators who work for Google services like YouTube, this is one of them. How do they do that? In the case of the big red internet button, this revenue comes from the ads that appear before and after the playback of the videos we watch on this platform. It does not come from the likes or followers of each channel, nor does it come from the ads mentioned. Although yes, there are different ways to increase these earnings of the creator in videos, let's see how to monetize.
  • Affiliates: Another great way to monetize what an influencer can use is an authorized system. YouTube is one of the best sites, although they all do virtually the same thing. The creator provides a product or service from an organization and leaves a personal link to its followers. If these users make a purchase by entering from this URL, the manufacturers receive a portion of what the company has earned by making each payment. Sounds easy? But, to get "paid" from these approved platforms requires a relatively large number of sales
  • Advertising campaigns for products or services: Customers of influential content are known and criticized by users. Although this is similar to the authorized company we have just discussed. It is a single payment (in most cases) that manufacturers agree to promote a product or service for a certain amount. Of course, it depends on the perfection of each creator whether to offer something like their choice or not. Or limit yourself to monetization in exchange for this ad action.
  • Attendance at events: A great form of monetization, especially for creators with more mainstream content. In this case, the companies enter into an agreement with that influential person to participate in certain events and announce it to their followers. Examples are fashion influencers, gamers, or vlogger content channels.
  • Merchandising: surely you have noticed that many creators make products with their logo, name, or identity sign and then sell it online. This is what is known as merchandising.
  • Selling your videos: Some companies don't have the time or means to create their own videos. They sometimes turn to YouTube to look for existing spots for reuse. Make sure your videos are licensed to protect their uses. On the other hand, mention that you are willing to give up your rights for a fee (to define according to the quality of the video).
  • Sale of products: it is something similar to the previous one but with a higher added value, or not, depends on the influencer. This form of monetization would include creations as courses, masterclasses. Or, for example, books that are not based solely on the image of the creator. This is usually associated with creators who have channeled more dedicated to the teaching of some kind.

YouTube influencers influence people by building credibility based on their content. Thus their followers trust their recommendations and criteria. They can make money by so many opportunities listed above. Also, they can make money with the collaboration of influencer marketing platforms as well.

Influencer marketing platforms

There are platforms through which YouTube Influencers can monetize their influence. Its operation is very simple:

  • They sign you up and fill in your form as an influencer.
  • Depending on your profile, the tool invites you to participate in different actions. It can be by reposting a post creating a post with a certain hashtag and link, or any other type of content.
  • Once published, the balance you have achieved and the accumulated balance will appear in your user account on the platform.

Some of the best known are Jocial, Getfluence, SocialPubli, Coobis, etc.

Actions with influencer agencies

The influencer agencies are companies whose purpose is to connect consumers with brands by influencers. An example of this is JOCIAL, the first digital marketing base influencers agency.

Contact us, introduce yourself, and send us your media kit so that we take you into account in possible actions.

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