How to Build Your Email List Using

Contests on Facebook?

How to Build Your Email List Using Contests on Facebook?

Email marketing of sending the right message through email can help you make your promotion best. There are so many Internet Marketers who use this technique to meet the user on email. Also, there are so many options on the newsletter or contact us form to get the right email list of customers. Also, the lead collection and subscriber module can help you a lot. And for this Facebook can help you. Not only Facebook but also the social media platform where the people reach daily.  You can make a proper campaign to have the email list of your targeted customers.

So you want to increase your email subscribers? Are you running a Facebook contest right now? If you answered yes - good for you because contests are a great way to capture email leads. Facebook contests can set an appeal to motivate the user to collect the right lead. Also, you can select the random list to properly manage your marketing.  Here are some tips to create your email list using this Facebook contest online. With this you can easily make a long list of email of your targeted customer to make your marketing effective:

Number-1. Find your niche and serve it. If you have a niche market, keep on to it. Take the time to come up with a contest that your fans will love. For example, suppose your niche Shar-Pei puppy and a dog owner. You can run a photo contest where fans can upload pictures of their pets and choose the most beautiful puppy images. Fans vote. The picture with the most votes wins an award and one voter also wins an award. It works well because the prizes are meaningful to the winner. You win by capturing their email addresses because both the entry and the voter have to choose.

Number-2. Offer multiple prizes. If you provide multiple prizes, more people are more likely to enter because they are more likely to win. Make entry easier - name, email, and phone number or address (people will share their addresses more easily than their phone numbers). Make sure you brand your competition well and let the entries flow and let the promotion go viral on Facebook. Expand your email list by asking for their email.

Number-3. Community Support Assistance. A local business can take the opportunity to compete for a local event. For example, entering a draw for an upcoming concert or sporting event. Lots of fans will want to enter. The catch is that they need to opt-in and provide their email address and share the contest on Facebook - you create your own email list. If you run an online business, you can still use this strategy with some tips in your niche. For example, if you sell marketing tools, offer drawing for your course.

Number-4. Suggest something that is considered an opportunity to live an exclusive life or something that is rarely going to happen in a fight for continued victory with very little interest. For example, you can arrange a special meeting with the President at a concert or a special VIP package. The content needs to be well branded and exclusively featured or be a winning VIP. They enter by selecting their email address and share it on Facebook.

On social media like Facebook people are ready to communicate with others. But if you can make the communication more reliable and exciting with a contest campaign, you can have enjoyed it.  People can give you the top issues with the contest when you can make it well. Prize-winning offer, product base offer, and something appealing benefit that attracts the users. All these can help you manage the email from the Facebook contest. So many contest type plans are available on Facebook to make the information collected. If you can make it happen clearly you can have it properly. As you know that Facebook is the top social media marketing stage, so you can utilize it with your unique tricks.

You can apply these four great ways to make your email lists quickly and efficiently. So you can apply it if you still didn't. Also, you can generate more ways with different offers on the contest. But do not make this contest daily. Because people may not like it or they may not be interested in your regular campaign. Do so, keep patient, and try effective ways for your campaign.  And if you still didn't apply to these contests on Facebook, Why wait? Start your campaign now and collect your effective mail from the social site now. Internet Marketing without proper mail can not give you proper satisfaction. So try it out and deal with a new marketing strategy over the Internet Marketing methods.

Stella Palmer