How do you become an influencer

10 Influencer Tips To Be a Social Media Influencer

How do you become an influencer: 10 Influencer Tips To Be a Social Media Influencer

In order to be an Influencer, you must first be an expert in a particular subject. Experience has been proven in certain fields or web niches. And you must have a high number of users who follow you on social media or on your blog and interact with your published content.

What does "influencer" mean?
Who is the Influencer? An influencer is a person who is able to influence another person's purchasing, executive, or decision-making decisions. Influencers enjoy the dominance in real or virtual life and are recognized as experts in a particular subject. The word "influencer" has spread on the web in recent years. This is related to other issues that are able to influence the opinions of several other users, where we also talk about influencer marketing today.

In our blog, we have been working on "influential" topics for a long time. We have analyzed research on the efficacy of biological (or spontaneous) influencers compared to professional (and payable) ones. And even before that, we have tried to separate the real influencers from the net.

However, so far we have not tried to consider the issue of "becoming influential". We have some theories but this time we decided to give space and recently listen to the opinions of some professionals who have dedicated their opinions to effective marketing.

Why does everyone want to be an “influencer” on Social Media?
We define what we want to be when we grow up based on what other people see. There was a time, especially in American culture, when people wanted two kids, a house, a dog or a cat ... and we think what happened now was the important aspect that made everyone happy was fame. You see these people in private jets, they have these beautiful, huge houses and they sometimes feel happy even if they are not in reality. Becoming a top celebrity is incredibly difficult. Being an “influencer”? It's not too hard. We think it’s a quick track for fame, wealth, and so on.

How valuable is the influencer: market value?
The phenomenon of effective marketing is spreading more and more among companies.

According to the State of Influencer Marketing 2019, 81% of professionals report that they launched an influencer campaign in 2018, which is steadily increasing compared to last year.

Confirming this trend, 92% of respondents claimed that influencer marketing is an effective activity for a company's business. And 39% expect to increase investment in these channels for 2019 when there are only 5% plans to reduce them.

On average, marketers invest a lot of money in influencer marketing. 30% of respondents spent between $ 25K and $ 50K in 2018 alone.

24% spent between 50 and 100K and 22% between 10 and 25K.

90% of them measure influencer success based on the engagement metric. But, 76% of them say that the main challenge for influencer marketing in 2019 is to be able to accurately determine the ROI of this activity.

As we have seen, the phenomenon is increasingly spreading. In particular, due to the new millennium "online behavior" of those who are no longer leaning towards profit from traditional themed advertising, but those who are kind and follow the "story" of brands.

The cost of an influencer
According to a survey published by Launchmetrics that interviewed 200 influencers, it was raised that 46% would work for free if they received interesting compliments in return. And 44.6% would do the same without doing anything for the brand of their choice. Let’s talk about micro-influencers notes, which can be effective for the strategies of those organizations that big influencers or celebrities cannot afford.

There are so many choices for companies. But how much does an influencer cost approximately?

According to research, this can be estimated based on the number of followers and the online channel on which it promotes its content.

As we can see, a promotional video on the Youtube channel of an influencer with more than 7 million followers can cost around $ 300,000.

There are also online tools that allow you to enter an Instagram username and calculate how much it costs for some metrics related to the promotion and engagement of a post.

These are all data and tools, of course, which must be taken with a grain of salt because they are just trying to guess.

How to become an Influencer on Instagram?

You won’t become an influencer on Instagram overnight. It is even one of the most popular social networks with 1 billion active users per month and the most used for effective marketing.

To become an Instagram influencer, the most important thing is undoubtedly to look for a separate element that allows you to create your own niche. It is better to focus on specific themes than to be generic or to copy existing ones. The possibilities are endless.

After that, you need to have a story to tell. The second goal is of course to give a narrative style to the Instagram profile. Storytelling is the key to success.

To establish yourself as an influencer you need to grow your followers which can be stable at one stage.

To achieve this it is necessary to publish quality photos and captions that encourage interaction, but also Stories and Live Video.

It is important to communicate with the community with likes and comments by establishing a continuous presence on the channel and possibly the ad as well.

However, before you think about the number of your followers, you need to align the image with your credentials and influencers.

Success does not lie in having many followers. But be able to be credible to them and thus "influence" their purchasing choices.

How to become an influencer: let's ask the professionals. 
As a digital marketing company, we asked some professionals about being an influencer. We asked them related to so many options that organize and promote influencing facts. Also, we talked about social media influencer marketing and how people can be one. On different platforms and subjects to choose from, the professionals gave us some points. Here we summarize the points so that you can learn about how to be an influencer in an influencing way.  

So how can you become an influencer if you want to be! They respond to us as:

It’s all a question of reputation, an “identity card” that speaks for us, able to deeply identify the attitudes of people and brands towards us. Whether it is positive or negative can make a difference.

Through efficient personal branding, we can make the most of it and thus become credible to other people. This helps us to gradually follow the reference to an acceptable point and turn it into a reference point for listening.

Together with other specific qualities like reputation, skill, trust, the exposure creates an image for the user who manages his circles, often, preferences.

10 tips for those who aspire to become an influencer
Here too there would be many, but we'll try to be brief:

1. Be transparent: In the long run, lies have short legs on the web and when discovered they create a lot of damage (respectable). So being honest becomes a priority.

2. Building relationships: We still talk about projects among people and it should never be forgotten. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Only in this way will they bear “fruit”.

3. Don’t stop at “quantity”: it often comes spontaneously but it often doesn’t come right. When we choose an influencer we simply try to go beyond the numbers.

4. An influencer marketing is not one-shot: no relationship with the "tap and run" philosophy can work. You need patience and a desire to build bonds.

5. Not too much control: Holding the project in hand Yes, the freedom of the influencer in every aspect of the number will make his business great. By annoying control, we take the risk of limiting the qualities he has created for his followers. So be careful.

6. The most important tool is the brain: technology is needed at the outreach stage. But we must never forget that each result must be evaluated with the head, the only source that can better understand the quality.

7. Don't mess with influential VIPs: According to research in the digital market, there are still many professionals who think. Celebrities are a part of the ecology, not just actors.

8. We are all influencers: as mentioned, each of us has the potential to be authentic and for this reason, we must not underestimate anyone in the selection process. For many purposes, cleverly expanded satisfied customers can do more than any celebrity.

9. Goals first, then the rest: Very often the opposite is done. We choose an influencer we like and create a project around it. Nor will it make it more difficult to create activities that can actually enhance the quality of the organization.

10. Generating shared value: We are talking about partnership relationships and projects. When we create a project it certainly puts pressure on us to test all our players. In order for this to work, we must ensure that it is effective for all: the brand that reaches its goals with influence, the influencer who provides legitimate content for followers, users get quality content capable of responding to their needs.

"How to strengthen your profile" then "How to be an influencer" is more important. The reason is that it can give you an energy that can affect you. Social media platforms are now at the forefront of improving your reputation and activities. Lots of influencer marketing companies can lead you to social media influencers like Jocial. You need to draw attention to yourself so that you can see it as a pro. Creating a digital strategy as an influencer can cost more than your marketing skills. Now the choice is all yours.

Stella Palmer