How To Use Linkedin

To Get More Customers

How To Use Linkedin To Get More Customers

Currently, there is no doubt about the power and role of social networks in digital marketing. But, while there are still a few companies that may enjoy some of the connected networks, LinkedIn itself has focused on the corporate world.

In fact, it is the largest business-based social network in the world. Yet, just as many brands don’t know how to position themselves there, so too many are unable to present themselves with professional skills.

The opportunity that is lost with this is very great. According to data from a recent survey, LinkedIn has more than 575 million users worldwide. Also, a mix of companies, freelancers, business owners, and employees.

The research was carried out by the Pew Research Center, which is one of the most well-known think tanks in the United States. She also revealed that more than 40% of users access the platform daily, and in the UK alone, there are already about 80 million active users.

Many people think that social media is limited to leaving information online. They can submit a business card or the canvas banner of a company, or even the resume of an employee who is looking for a job. But it is totally a mistaken thought.

The main way to promote this is through a networking culture. Ability to expand the communication network of each individual and each organization. And introduce more people to their niche and cross-cutting interests.

If this was already important for factories, industries, and businesses from decades ago, which usually have fairs and typical events, imagine when talking about an IT company, which can develop from an online point system to Cloud Computing.

So, how does it go without saying that it can help strengthen the brand, generate leads and create new customer expectations? Through this, customer retention and loyalty can be further increased by even strengthening the brand.

So, if you want to understand how you can get all these benefits from LinkedIn, increase your customer base and results, just read on.

Creating your LinkedIn page
A very common mistake is for an entrepreneur or freelancer to end up using their LinkedIn profile (and not a page), especially in the spirit of “testing to see if it really works”.

In fact, the platform needs to be used in a professional manner and benefit from the first steps of each given specific organization.

This advice is important for those who started this business small and are now in the development stage. So, if you rent speakers for events, create an account as a legal entity on a page, not a profile.

Additionally, in addition to adding covers and professional profile photos, there is a need to add text and descriptions (and not first person) about the business speaking on behalf of the brand.

Who will represent the company?
One of the key issues in digital marketing is: "Someone has to show up". If your company is not a multinational company that is going to pay a famous influencer to appear in the place of the owner, ideally, you should present yourself as much as possible.

Imagine a catering business such as company food. Do you agree that the presence of a business owner in a promotional video is more influential and compelling than anyone else?

Bring in professionals if possible or needed. As an example given, if the owner is not a nutritionist, he can take part in one. It goes to all activities for articles like videos, photos, or even articles and posts.

Nowadays, social networks are nothing more than a way for brands to confront. So, they start saying “language” to customers and create a kind of connection that is impossible without this kind of resource.

So, this effect could be even better if the owner decides to be his own “poster boy”.

About content marketing
The same can be said for content marketing, which is often overlooked when owners and experts can work together to convert more links and business opportunities into LinkedIn accounts.

Many feel that this type of marketing is limited to blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. In fact, there is no lack of field for this, and the platform itself is in favor of this kind of work, which other social networks do not.

Some media, such as Focus on Familiar, Short Lessons, have character limitations. Others focus on instant messaging which is usually exchanged by cell phone, which can be very good for digital marketing companies.

However, LinkedIn has the advantage of easily creating groups as well as integrating into groups so that you manage users and all content posted and shared there which will be clear below.

The important thing is not to lose focus that all content is of course original and relevant to the public. Always solve some specific pain and connect with readers. So that they feel a desire to follow you and follow your work.

The importance of creating groups
If you've already created your business page, as we gave you as the first practical advice, now is the time to take a step back and build your group. In fact, it is one of the most efficient strategies for producing lead and attracting customers

Here you will not only strengthen your brand, gain prestige and authority, but also get practical results to get in touch with many more people. Especially because, as a group administrator, you need to take in more resources.

The key is being able to trigger weekly emails for all participants. Imagine if you wanted to have an online event or even a business breakfast, it would help to see how it could have a commercial impact.

Adding an automatic message trigger as the welcome message is another feature. A golden tip for building top and sales machines here is to attach a filling newsletter because this is the right moment to get in touch with this person.

It is possible to capture leads, expectations, and conversions in a very different and promising way. It can be done with the help of the mentioned content marketing reinforcement and good sales funnel strategies.

Remember that each company's commercial assets are in its lead bank. Because it is an opportunity and what it will do in the future is short or medium and long term.

Be part of another group
If a single group managed by you and your brand can already bring incredible opportunities and increase your customer base, consider being in an unlimited number of groups, how incredible it can be.

The strength and difference of LinkedIn from other social networks is that everyone here and there is a potential customer because the person (physical or legal) signs up for business not to post things from personal life.

These are, thus, qualified contacts. So, if the company operates in the company uniform marketing area, enter all the good groups in the area, for example:

  • Content Area;
  • Blogs or Social media;
  • Digital marketing agencies;
  • Online communication;
  • Professional Deals; 
  • Among so many others similar.

To attract the attention of other users and achieve their objectives, it is necessary to publish articles, conduct surveys and actively participate in the routine of each group. Over time, you have noticed that the car has more control and it tends to harm others.

The fact is that the more skeptical you are and the more your presence, the more confidence you will have in others. Remembering credibility is a necessary thing to bring commercial results.

How to go beyond the basics?
We’ve already talked about the importance of photos and text, but there are a few more ways.

Although not a LinkedIn standard social network (usually an application for photos and videos), this feature has many features, such as slides.

In this case, imagine a service with the influencer as an online fare, which can show you a step-by-step presentation of that service. It’s definitely a way for the match to retain and attract more and more people.

Another thing that is not usually taken into account is the power of optimization, which very few people know that LinkedIn also has. So, always think about how you will use the keyword in the title, description, and text in general.

With this, we can see that knowing how to use all LinkedIn's resources to make the brand stronger and win more customers can make a huge difference.

Isabelle Evans