How To Increase Followers With

Instagram Stories?

How To Increase Followers With Instagram Stories?

Everyone wants to increase followers and improve engagement on Instagram. Sometimes we apply different promotional strategies and use updated features for it. But Instagram Stories could be the key to growing your following on Instagram.

Every day 500 million people tune in to Instagram stories. So if you don’t post regularly, you’re missing out on the opportunity to increase the following and increase sales.

Instagram Stories is a simple, effective, and free way to keep your followers interested in your brand. But did you know that stories can help you get more followers?

Learn how to use stickers, hashtags, and links in your Stories to grow your following and keep your followers loyal and engaged.

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a feature of the Instagram (IG) application where users can capture and post photos or video content in a slideshow format. Stories can be modified using the common activities of the popular social media application.

Instagram Stories is a creative and fun way to share stories from the daily life of your business. Simply using your creativity as a tool to create interesting and entertaining videos can be very successful in engaging your audience.

The effectiveness of Instagram stories has come up on Snapchat. But, in a very short time, in 2016, they were applied to IG. Here they grew rapidly in popularity and used 400 million or more users per day.

As in Snapchat, the content is ephemeral, it can only be viewed for 24 hours. In this short time, you can show the moments of your daily life. But the fun and creative aspects of your personality or your brand. In fact, there are many brands that have learned to use them to promote their products. And celebrities use these to keep their fans up to date and show more people.

How to grow your Instagram following with Stories?

Until now, you can focus on enhancing your Instagram profile with photos and captions. But now is the time to invest some energy in your Instagram stories!


Because every day, 500 million people watch the stories, and one-third of the most viewed stories are posted from a business account. This makes Instagram Stories an easy and effective way to introduce your brand to a new or wider audience.

Regular content sharing on the Instagram Store opens up many new opportunities to grow your account. Because here it is face footage, exclusive preview, or just a snippet of your general feed content. It helps you build stronger relationships with your followers and get out of the competition!

Building a strategy for Instagram Stories

Stories don't have to be complex or time-consuming.

Follow these 3 simple steps to increase your followers, improve your account, and perfect your Instagram Stories for the future!

Ready to get started and see your followers grow?

1: Reach a wider audience and increase your followers with Instagram Stories stickers

Adding stickers to your Instagram stories speeds up their engagement, bringing your Instagram stories to more viewers!

There are many different types of stickers. While you probably can't use them all at the same time, you should aim to use one or two stickers in each post of your stories wherever possible. Here are a few to try:

The position sticker

Just like in an Instagram post, you can mark a location in your Stories with the location sticker.

And remember, you don't have to be in the right position to add stickers. So it’s worth considering what visitors might be interested in about your events or venues.

The tag sticker

If you want to tag someone in your stories, you can use tag stickers. You also have the opportunity to repost their stories by mentioning brands or accounts in your Instagram stories.

If your content is engaging enough, this may prompt people to check your profile and follow you! 

2: Improve business traffic and sales with Instagram Stories

Once you start using the right stickers for your posts, you'll probably start to see an increase in your visibility and engagement levels. But don’t let all these bases go to waste. It's time to start targeting your visitors' favorite places, like your website, online store, blog, or mailing list!

But it's important to be strategic with the links at the top of your word. Don't just link to the homepage of your website every time you post. Specify where you want to drive your traffic and make sure you have a call system in the text or video of your story.

3: Gain insight into your audience with the poll and question stickers

The needs and wants of your Instagram audience are constantly evolving and changing. So it’s important to listen to your Instagram stories and what they want from your feed. One of the best ways to understand what your audience thinks is through Instagram polls and question stickers.

Additionally, these stickers increase as your followers begin to respond to your messages. If you think your engagement is slowing down, regular Q&A sessions with your audience are a great way to keep them active.

How a brand can take advantage of Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories can tell your brand’s story, work actively in visual storytelling, and engage your audience. Also, show on-screen events that you've hosted or assigned a user to a survey (that's an important point).

What are some features that can help you market your business? Why use Instagram Stories? Here's why you should use this tool.

  • Test on Instagram

Your audience feedback is always important. Stories can test your ideas but if they work you are not 100% sure. And see how your audience responds through surveys and private messages.

  • Direct traffic

Either on your site or on the landing page, thanks to the link to the stories you can bring your followers directly to your site and convert them into customers. Well-planned storytelling can help you achieve your desired goals.

  • Influencer marketing

Instagram Stories are a great way to run such campaigns, whether you're the influencer or a business owner.

Working in influencer marketing is useful for different realities, and Instagram stories are fundamental to certain strategies. In 2018-2019, Instagram was the most used platform to work with influencers.

Instagram Stories Ads

Ads for Instagram stories are visible ads in the story section. Although they were heavily criticized during their introduction, they are now much less "annoying" than other types of advertising. And for that, they get a good response in terms of engagement.

These ads are created directly from Facebook ad management, selecting the desired target, and identifying them as Instagram stories. These types of ads must be set up according to a few specific rules, including call-to-action buttons and links to websites or to specific landing pages to optimize results.

Make sure you're using all the amazing features of Instagram Stories, creating interesting content and sharing useful information for your visitors. It will grow your business by listening to your audience's feedback as well as expanding your Instagram stories account.

Stella Palmer