How To Find Your Audience

On Social Media

How To Find Your Audience On Social Media

Why would your organization (B2B or B2C) use social media? General: Because people use them and you can find ways to use them, introduce yourself and gather invaluable information.

There are billions of people on the major social networks in the western world who use them. They are the real continent. So the first thing that needs to be understood is again: there are people on social media who do certain things.

Since most of these activities are visible on the floor surface we can get a full range of those interested in these activities.

In this article, we offer a more theoretical part that will help you understand social things. Let's start with the theoretical part.

What do people do on social media?
According to Social Media Digital reports, the average time spent for a social platform online guy is 1 hour and 53 minutes per day. This is a time calculation based on the self-assessment of the people who took part in the survey. This is likely to be further underestimated. Since different models of smartphones have introduced the possibility of monitoring how we spend our time in each application, we can easily verify this information for at least each of us (without making the mistake of generalizing personal experience).

To put it bluntly, we have to ask ourselves what are people doing on social platforms for so long?

Basically, we can identify two different types of social use:
• Passive
• Active

If active use of social media is the most interesting, then understanding passive use is also very important.

The most trivial example of passive use is very similar to more conventional media. Many people started watching videos by connecting to YouTube. The same can be true for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

For example, we know that stories on Instagram are used by 400 million people every day, constantly growing. The stories in the context of what we are talking about are the latest format of visual communication that has established itself in social networks.

Facebook has literally cloned it from Snapchat (or Snap).  Snapchat is another “minor” social network but still very popular among the very young, at least in the US.  You can post your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and so on.

 These are vertical videos (in 9:16 format) usable in different "segments". Creatives around the world have been working year after year to better communicate with this type of format. And visual communication has taken on new concepts. The story has been liked a lot, especially by very young people, who will be the audience tomorrow. In some cases, when brands are broadcasters, they become like old media and you can make some “TV” on Instagram to talk to their audience.

In short, people are looking for entertainment on social media. They read and watch. They accept the content. In doing so, they take action on this content by interacting with the platforms they work on. And those who plan and make decisions on these platforms adapt to what people do. Then, the algorithms are designed to try to identify human tastes and, in large part, provide similar content according to the genres they have already seen. Then, the desired and used formats are turned on. For example, if Facebook focuses on stories, it doesn't do so by pressing a format. But a taste barrier, a common trend: Zuckerberg has so much data and he has experimented a lot to make a decision. These don't necessarily have to be accurate - based on very solid numbers.

Then there is the active fruition.
This means that people post content on the platforms. They leave reactions, signs of appreciation, or criticism. In graphic form, these signals appear as the famous thumbs-up of Facebook or the little heart of Instagram and Youtube or the emojis, smilies, reactions.
But they do much more. They publish videos, photos, texts. They leave comments, they have conversations with each other. They argue or agree. And sometimes they are related to the brand. Social pages are defined as how companies use them, as channels for customer management, for customer care, or as communication and relationship channels, or as a place of communication to buy or choose all these things together.

Here, however, we think that some of these were used for study on social media, removed on the condition of extraordinary expectations, and later used as another channel. This does not mean that traditional communication is dead. 

Even the digital giants use traditional means.
So why should you use social media, you, with your company, maybe B2B (so they told you that no, you really don't need social media)?
Simple: because people use them and you can find your way to use them.

To do this, you can work in the field of human conversation and habit analysis. All the data that is kept there for the public - to gather invaluable information for your organization - can be worked out by those who know how to do it.

But you can start in a very simple way (albeit structured and planned) to find and grow your audience.

How do You find your audience on social media?
The first thing you need to know is: if you want to "find" your audience on social media, you must have a communication plan that includes the production of content (text, photos, videos). It is useless to open a social space-

  • If you don't start producing content, if you don't do it with a plan, 
  • If you don't prepare yourself to manage interactions with an audience, 
  • If you don't budget for the production of these contents and for their diffusion and 
  • If I don't do it with a clear and measurable goal (even if only: I want to increase the recognition of my company, of my brand).

It is obvious because it is also useless to buy traditional advertising space if the creativity is not beautiful if there is no goal.

Suppose you have prepared your content. You have an editorial plan. You know what you want to achieve. At this point, you must start. And you have to start with a context that already gems the social content.

First of all, you have to use all the channels you already have (the site, the newsletter, for example). Try these on your managed social channels to invite people to follow your organization. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This means, if you don't have good pictures or good videos, you won't go to Instagram.

This is the first point of contact for those who already know you. These are already your audience. You invite them to your Facebook page and promise them that they will get what they are looking for from you. It will look for your products, it will identify your brand, it will identify it and if it does, it will find customer service.

But then? How do you find people who are potentially interested in you but you still don't know, you still don't know?

Fortunately, the most advanced platforms offer some options that act as marketing tools.

We have to focus on one of these methods. We do it with the most used and the most performing: the Instagram Influencer Marketing tools.

A practical example: the  Instagram Influencer Marketing Tools
Instagram has a business interface that you use for your company or business marketing. It allows you to create a marketing program that reaches the highest audience. You can promote your content or ads to the targeted community here. For this, you need a business account or profile on Instagram and use it for the best results. All these profile owners or users called Instagram Influencers. Influencers are the leading module of this marketing system. Like you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. All are generally known as Social media Influencers. But in specific works, they are Facebook influencers, Twitter Influencers, TikTok Influencers, and so on. You can use them to promote your business and services online. 

There are so many companies that offer influencer marketing opportunities. So that you can use the best from the influencer's findings of your promoting object. For example, all influencers on Instagram do not work with Fashion, also with health or sports. So separate influencers use their own topics to gather their own community. If you need to find your own goal-related influencer you need to choose the best profile first. You can find it from your tries or choose an agency to work for you. There are many digital marketing companies that now start working with influencers. Jocial is one of the leading influencer marketing companies that also deal with digital strategy. You can find the list of the top influencers around the world for your business promotion. Companies are much interested to work with influencers now. They sponsor the marketing company to suggest the best profile for their promotion. As you know that best content works best for making a marketing strategy, so influencers can lead the role for it.  They allow you to create advertisements to sponsor the content that has been produced and that is waiting to reach their audience. Usually, seen from this point of view, Instagram (or other social media platforms) takes a certain interest even for companies that ignored it, finally. This is the technical opportunity for any business that you can do your marketing now. 

But the thing is you can promote your business online through influencers, so you can target your audience! Equally, you can present your business in front of your audience, right? This influencer marketing can be your upcoming trading marketing tool to find an audience on any social platform you want. As there are options for any subjects and any objects you can suit it. So digital marketing with influencer marketing opportunities can be your audience deal. Making your business expanded is your choice but selecting the way should be genius. Influencer marketing can do what you really want for your business.  

Can you do it elsewhere too?
Of course, YouTube, Linked In, Snapchat has the same kind of tools, Many online companies themselves provide this kind of business tools (more familiar and more offensive). And all the big platforms of the future will adapt these influencer marketing services because the road is marked.

This is the strategy question. You will then need to study the single platform and then continue to check if that channel works for your organization.

If it's that complicated, why should you do it?
The answer to this question is very simple: because it is a potentially high return marketing and sales method. Both for sales and for the popularity of your brand. Of course, it’s important to adopt a strategy that creates a mantra of transparency and relationship with your audience, for your customers who, we know, are your main ambassadors there. This is a challenge. Whether it can be collected. Here we believe that anyone who will be able to collect it will have a competitive advantage.

Isabelle Evans