How Public Relations Departments Facing Challenges in

Influencer Marketing

How Public Relations Departments Facing Challenges in Influencer Marketing

Public relations in influencer marketing is now a challenging issue over the internet. But now it is facing several challenges over social media. Not only on social media but also on online marketing platforms. Currently, the use of the internet is widespread, and with it the use of social networks. According to the latest report [Global Digital Report 2018], more than 4,000 million people use the Internet. 

And of which about 3,200 million are active users of social networks (in the USA, about 244 million). A reality that completely transforms the way we communicate at all levels.

We have received thousands of free live stories from text messages (SMS) powered by almost one euro, which we launch through social networks. Different types of communication that directly affect the digital marketing of companies. Similarly, influencer marketing is growing in terms of digital marketing strategy. 

Reaching your audience has never been easier or more difficult. At the same time, we are talking regardless of the field. Of the five hours and 20 minutes that people spend on the Internet every day, we spend more than an hour and a half on social networks.

Most of the work involved by public professionals in taking care of the image. It is important to consider that the term it refers to does not need to be confused with corporate image-graphic imagery. Think of it as a mental structure that is universal - not just their direct environment. It's about an organization that is approached by certain organizations that are evaluated in a certain way. And all it is based on is that what you say or think about an organization has valuable features. It will depend on your perception.

The basic principles of Public Relations have not changed. 

You should know that practices such as newsletters or newspaper gadgets are increasingly rare. The environment in which they work as well as the channels they use is what has changed. Influencer Marketing platforms have changed the public relations system in their strategies and tactics. And it has influenced the personal and organizational lives of organizations. Public opinion is not easy to manage today, nor is there strict supervision of published content.

The practice of public relations with the Web 2.0 environment and Influencer marketing strategies has evolved from a conventional approach. And it turns long to their practice to a logical progression in a way that requires the support of technology. Especially now, the technologies that have moved and evolved turn around organizations and shape their habits and practices.

So, how Public Relations Departments Facing Challenges in Influencer Marketing and what effect it has on user habits is the key to facing business communication and being able to reach our audience. We review five challenges to address:

Public Relations Challenges in Influencer Marketing

1. Combine the traditional ways with relative technology.

An organization's public relations management can no longer simply subscribe to traditional themed media. Currently, there is a need to have strategies to control the online image and corporate reputation. Speakers, bloggers, opinion leaders, influencers, and competitors - in online media and social networks. But how can you reach them with visual branding and impression? The answer is the Influencer Marketing platform. You can mix up the marketing tactics and technological media with it. At present, people easily can cope up with the best and common devices to make their life easy. And thus the Influencers marketing can combine the distance with services.

2. Know how to produce valuable content for each Influencer Marketing Strategy.

Firstly, it is important to create content, but valuable content for the visitors. Secondly, do it for the features of each social network. Creating content for Twitter, Facebook or YouTube is not one. Each social network specializes in its own digital narrative and has its own tools for managing it.

Each social network is different. It is important for each of them to play according to the rules of the game. Although Facebook has adapted its algorithm in such a way that advertising campaigns are increasingly necessary to gain some visibility. Twitter is a great professional forum for sharing controversial ideas or key phrases of interesting encounters.

As part of them, new temporary rules have opened up allowing Instagram and Snapchat - including their stories - to post 24 hours a day. So it is important to respond with some immunity. Also, platforms that allow live broadcasts like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram. They all are unbeatable for sharing events and creating communities.

If influential marketing platforms are connected to your audience, you need to adapt to their demand forms and models. Publishing, advertising, entertaining debates, short stories in video format, streaming broadcasts, or divine teaching?

3. Know how to generate interaction and engagement with users.

Another communication challenge is to face the latest business mantra on social networks: a 24/7 connection. In other words, be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Error! It does not imply the effectiveness of communication on the network throughout the day. But if you provide specific 'uninterrupted' customer service support, that's another part of it.

It is important to set up a "flexible" action schedule to be realistic and connect to networks. Try joining an Influencer influencer marketing strategy that doesn’t consume you all day. In this sense, the time given to networks must include active listening in your keywords. And taking part in conversations or starting debates that add value. Then measure the results and search for new ideas.

We cannot open our presence in networks to make this medium a bulletin or a common mouthpiece of communication. We must encourage dialogue with the community to improve the service and keep in touch with its needs. Thus try to make a connection with a suitable Influencer for your branding. To make a choice you can make a contact with Jocial- the leading Influencer Marketing Agency. You can make all the deals related to your digital marketing to any kind of social marketing issue.

4. Analysis and Measurement matters ... a lot.

The Internet in general and social networks, in particular, have so many tools. Even they have the tools that allow us to check in real-time the results of our actions. You can measure campaigns to know about how to follow, apply, improve, and set new goals. Also where appropriate or change the strategy in each network, like no other means -impossible to do so in the press for example. Influencer Marketing strategy without metrics, it is impossible to make sound decisions. And with our proper decision making, you can not make your engagement properly. You can not deal with the public relations management in this online marketing area. So always measure it upon your strong delivery tools and programs.

The truth is there are still many absent-minded organizations who do not reflect on Influencers. They consider that influencer marketers discharge their information and expect miracles. But it’s also about listening, creating content that adds value to users, and participating. It should become part of the conversation, debate ideas, interact, and share comments. And not that all companies should know how to do it. It's for intelligence companies, because, as the social marketing strategy states, "the biggest mistake is putting new people to play with online communications."

What more challenges do you think Influencer Marketing presents to business communication?

Stella Palmer