How Influencer Marketing Will Evolve

In The Coming Years

How Influencer Marketing Will Evolve In The Coming Years

The term influencer marketing is becoming more and more familiar to us. And it has increased significantly as we are currently facing an epidemiological situation.

This new year has been defined as the year of integration into the impact platform market. Every time, content creators or influencers get a big voice and vote on digital marketing strategies. So, this type of market is entering its maturity stage with these creators in the long run.

In this post, you will see everything related to this type of marketing, how it has gained this initial push, and its importance over the next few years.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the realization of a digital marketing strategy with the key presence of a content creator or influencer.

It’s true that the term is very familiar to us today. But only five years ago these businesses started to take their place in their marketing. They have been able to move fast in the current market as they have become a necessity of current digital marketing strategies

The importance of this term has increased as a result of the current epidemic situation. Many businesses have had to redesign their strategies to keep up with newcomers, regardless of their field of work. For this reason, marketing and communication professionals will no longer communicate as before. The method of communication has changed.

Prescription energy has received great support among users in every field related to influencer marketing. That is why truth and normalcy will prevail from now on. This will provide a great opportunity for existing companies and brands. Because they will be able to be closer to their customers by taking authentic steps and creating an experience with them.

In addition, long-term lasting relationships now exist with these influencers. Important and intimate relationships where you can establish links to gain more trust and credibility. All this will be reflected in the customer and the success of the effective marketing strategy will be reported to this.

And where do these content creators work? Social networks are your biggest ally. These are their jobs, livelihoods and they change over time. Thus, both content creators and brands should be aware of the latest updates and trends.

The rise of Influencer Marketing on Social Media

It is undeniable that the massive increase in the use of social networks has led to a lot of influencer marketing campaigns. Several factors led to this and it was that the effect was too much stress during confinement as a stimulus to communication.

According to Kanta World Barometer Studies, the number of engagement metrics at the beginning of confinement increased by 61%. This is supported by other studies which show that:

58% of Internet users noticed, during confinement, a greater presence of content creators.

In addition, 51% acquired a positive attitude towards the content they posted.

Similarly, a movement was created that was not blocked before subjecting. Social networks were, for the most part, used to communicate with followers. So that to support the communities most affected by the situation and to create the reality of enjoying their reality.

While it is true that users use a lot of content every day, it must be of high quality, sending direct messages.

For influencer marketing strategies, you need to know how to communicate effectively. But you also need to know how to listen to the information exchange with the audience. It connects and builds relationships with the term “conversation marketing”. So that they later turn into personalized promotion and personalized content.

The motivation for this is that industry companies are executing this type of marketing in their communications plans. This is why we dared to say at Jocial: Influencer marketing is not a fad, it is here to stay.

Instagram as the main influencer marketing platform

Instagram is currently updated regularly to attract and retain more listeners. Also, he is working on developing paid badges during content creators' live shows. Thus, social platforms help influential people work and thus their engagement.

Instagram stories are widely used to create engagement of brands and influencers. Content like this carousel is being swallowed up by a growing number of users.

One of the many benefits of Instagram is its Reels. This allows influencers to post interactive videos on their feeds for long-term benefit. It is emerging that currently 50% of users of this platform watch at least one video per day.

If Instagram is a network of core influences, it reveals your creativity. Brands must know that they must be given the freedom to create “win-win” collaborations, but always provide them with general guidelines. So, trusting these influencers would be a genuine strategy and the main way to generate the message.

Instagram also offers its IGTV platform. This format makes it easier for brands to market ads through effective marketing. Also, it is used more for purposes such as providing more precise details and information.

So, in the coming years, Instagram shopping will become more popular on the Internet by applying a shortcut to the navigation bar. As part of this, Instagram Checkout will offer the opportunity to buy and pay directly from this social network. In this way, influencers will be able to tag products and redirect traffic to partner brands. Thus, they will charge a commission for the sale.


Social media has evolved significantly this year. An example of this is the TikTok platform. It has managed the age of its audience in record time. At the beginning of the introduction, its audience was mostly Gen Z. Today, about 67% of TikTok users are over 25 years old.

It is one of the main platforms for brand communication. This is why influencers are offered free control over their imagination. Also, TikTok encourages brands to increase their engagement by reaching out to their maximum audience. Thus the TikTok influencers are growing regularly. 

Its main competitor is Instagram Reels. But it is feared that it is not creative enough. Instagram needs to provide more extensive and creative updates so that the key influencer marketing activity takes place there.

Still, influencers say they have gained more ideas about reels than tickles in the same video. This is because TikTok does not keep videos in its news for long.

Both Tiktok and other social platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, and WhatsApp) have created updates that allow customers to make purchase transactions. This is very important for influencer strategies. Because if they make their recommendations better, individuals can purchase directly from the platform.


This year we will not forget the podcast. Its tremendous growth has attracted many listeners from different platforms. This is why influencer marketing in this audio ad is also perfect.

Content creators create their own podcasts and are heard by multiple users. Furthermore, an IFOP study reveals that 70% of those surveyed state that listening to a podcast is similar to “ entering a bubble ”, as it is a unique moment. 

What are brands looking for in influencers?

Until two years ago, the content creators were looking for the collaboration of those who found their collaboration with brands. The scene has been spotted around these days, and it’s the brand that communicates with influencers that best suits their values.

Generally speaking, most influential people choose campaigns depending on whether they like it or not. In other words, the collaboration of options goes hand in hand with the commitment and values of the brands.

Moreover, the new functionality is both long-term interested creators and brands. This will significantly increase the trust and credibility between the two, thus creating a special bond. Also, the application of many one-shot promotions will lag behind.

Influencer marketing has become a common practice for brands in specific fields. Companies know how to go beyond common past collaborations. In addition to these special bonds, a number of actions can be performed to evaluate the work of influencers. It is true that many influential people give this rule a very "positive" value by brands because in this way they are given a certain recognition.

What criteria do brands use to choose influencers?

Well, to answer this question, we'll introduce you to one of the world's greatest revolutions: the nano-influencer.

The figure of nano influencers

The new influential revolution is here. Previously, brands were considered great influencers simply for their communication strategies. But not too long ago they realized that the image of the nano influencer could be equal to the benefit obtained for half the price with the macro influencer.

Nano influencers are defined as prescribers. Because before the content maker they were consumers of that brand. To better identify these you should know that they are specialized in certain types of cases

The message they give is more authentic because they are former consumers. Thus, they prove to be the perfect sidebar for long-term collaboration with any brand.

Likewise, influencer marketing today has an intimacy and humanity that fully rewards any nano influencer. Your audience is more engaged, reaching, and ROI than any other type of influencer

Besides, brands are keeping in mind the campaigns promoted by macro-influencers to adapt to their nano-influencers for reuse. Also, the main advantage of this content creator is the ability to tell stories. They will use it in a way that goes into detail and takes care of every step you take.

Shocked, isn't it? Well, co-creation is also very important in influencer marketing strategies. Nano influencers will become key partners in a strategy that conducts collaboration on the basis of sincerity. Customers can understand this by identifying them with the values of both parties.

Loyalty through influencer marketing

In influencer marketing in the coming years, brands need to continue to consider reputation to get good ratings.

A multimedia review will provide great benefits for the brand, as customers will identify more to be more creative and honest. Likewise, these national response brands make a difference in their competition.

That's why brands will take steps to keep customers and create groups of ambassadors. This way, they will be able to test products and share their opinions and/or their experiences. In conclusion, what brands need to follow is quality feedback. By taking these, they can use them in various channels such as product files or newsletters.

This loyalty can also be achieved through hyper-personalized campaigns with influential people. In this way, marketers will be able to fully understand customers, thus explaining the extracted data.

Similarly, another form of loyalty is the creation of exclusive and personalized products or services for both the customer and the influencer.

In the coming years, brands will focus on content creators for a variety of marketing strategies. You need JavaScript enabled to view it but also see the positive and negative comments. That way, brands will be able to know the influencer and their audience before entering into a collaboration

Get an Influencer marketing strategy

As you can see, trust is the key to effective marketing campaigns. Users want naturalness and it will be responsible for the experience of social networks and influencers.

The main platforms of influence focus on consumer support and hearing and brands. Social networks will become more and better, to be the authenticity of brand-influencer collaborations and to be the best collaborators of nano-influencers.

For any kind of digital marketing strategy, there must be quality content. Due to the uninterrupted movement of the marketing field, having an expert will always be a good option to achieve the best and possible results.

From Jocial we encourage you to know all our services and digital solutions. Our values are encouragement, passion, and improvement. And like influencer-brand collaboration, if our values align with yours, the relationship is more than satisfying.

Would you like a "win-win" partnership with us? Contact us and improve your organization's position with the best digital strategies.

Stella Palmer