Facebook Marketing Strategy

Create A Brand For Your Company

Facebook Marketing Strategy Create A Brand For Your Company

Today, most well-known companies use Facebook's business strategy to create brands. Today thousands of people use Facebook to make it fun. Facebook now has more than 1.80 billion active users worldwide.

Which makes him the biggest social media. Indeed, with the benefits promised through social media, Facebook must set the right business strategy. That's why many strategies have been applied on Facebook to create commercial brands.

Because a good business strategy will help your target audience to be your potential customers. But, despite a large number of Facebook users, many do not know how to apply business strategies on Facebook. So, if you are, don’t worry. Because we will discover it in this article.

11 Facebook business strategies

To make sure you don't miss anything in this article, read the business strategies below for successful branding.

1.     Use an attractive profile picture
How to create a profile photo business strategy on Facebook? This first impression is very important. Because potential customers will first see your profile picture on Facebook; Either through research or through comments. You should then use your high-quality photos for clear viewing to amaze your customers.

For individual businesses, you can use close-up photos that show your face. Meanwhile, other companies may prefer to display the company logo on the profile which creates a minimal impression.

2.     The cover photo
Is the cover photo a business strategy on Facebook? Of course yes, because the foundation of creating a commercial brand is always photo-oriented. Profile cover photos reflect the business, so it’s important to get the viewer’s attention.

The profile cover is the right place to use clean, high-quality photos as well as give a profile slogan. It helps to present the brand in front of the audience especially those who do not know them at all.

3.     Don't just post a link
Sharing different types of content for brand recognition is very effective marketing advice. So it’s not just about posting related content on the company’s website.

But keep it balanced with content that doesn’t force viewers to “leave” Facebook. For example, content in the form of photos, quotes, or videos. That way, visitors will no longer be on the Facebook page.

4.     Pay attention to the layout of the photo
Photos only get bigger when they are clear. But you also have to pay attention to the layout and design. Is the photo suitable for desktop and mobile Facebook? Especially profile and cover photos. So you must pay attention to all aspects. Not only on Facebook desktop but also on other devices. Don't just cut Facebook from one side.

Time management is a business strategy on Facebook to establish a business. But many Facebook users today do not know how to manage their time on this platform. This is why we decided to discuss this parameter which is very important. So, learn the importance of time management later.

Time management in Facebook business strategy
Concentrate on the following steps to better manage your time on Facebook in the near future.

5.     Manage posting time
The timing of posting on Facebook is crucial. So it is not only when it is published.

According to Sprostosial, the best time to post on Facebook is every afternoon of the week. This is a standard publication period for trademarks. To make it even easier for you, you can create a posting schedule based on your Facebook business strategy.

6.     Speed ​​up response time
Sometimes by providing the best service you can outperform your competition. People have high expectations of this response from you. The faster and better your response, the more satisfied the audience will be. If you can't answer, at least tell them to wait.

These chats give visitors great attention. It is best to avoid or ignore messages that do not disappoint.

7.     Don't ignore analytical results
Facebook’s analytical results are important in implementing Facebook’s business strategy. Because with this method you can see how effective marketing has been. You can also see what kind of content gets the most clicks and impressions. So that it can help optimize the effective Facebook marketing strategy of reaching out to visitors.

So if you think Facebook’s audience isn’t growing, it’s time to re-verify the results of their social analysis.

8. Know and determine your target audience
In the world of marketing, we find that targeting an audience is more effective. It’s also effective for a good business strategy on Facebook. But, it is difficult to come up with a strategy that works for everyone. This will be effective when you create content. The most serious mistake here is usually to use inappropriate language for your own target audience.

For example, your target market consists of young people and people aged 35 or over; And you only post content intended for young people. That's right, isn't it?

In short, you need to provide something that is relevant and interesting to your target audience. But luckily, with the help of Facebook, you can easily identify your target audience. Again the way to take advantage of competing brands.

The interest of the target audience on Facebook
Find out if your target is a pious person. In other words, people who like mothers, like football, study psychology, or love to draw. When creating content, the number of choices will be even greater if you discuss these issues.

You can also change the keyword “interests”, for example:

  • Movies
  • Books
  • Restaurants
  • Places
  • Public figures
  • Organizations

If you already have a lot of likes on your page, you can use a keyword to make it more specific.

9. Tips on creating a good post on Facebook Business Strategy
We will discuss in more detail in this section how to increase likes on Facebook.

You should not post too much on Facebook every day. There are two reasons for this:

Twice a day the post will get fewer likes.

Every post needs to be high quality, it is difficult to create many high-quality posts in one day. Thus, you need to think carefully about each post.

Here are a few tips :

First, text type messages should not be separated but should be accompanied by pictures, videos, or links. People tend to ignore text messages because they are not interesting. Also, sending messages with text is difficult because Facebook will cut text too long.

So, as much as possible, avoid text without media. In the meantime, if you are using the video, be sure to upload the video to Facebook. Avoid posting video links from YouTube. But you can read this YouTube article: Make Money With YouTube: How to use YouTube for your Business!

Videos uploaded directly to Facebook can reach, comment, like, and share more than any other platform. To be optimal, you should use images with a minimum of 472 × 394 pixels. Still good, but not less.

Finally, posting the link form is the best engagement on Facebook. These are usually illustrated (as well as expanded) in landscape format.

10. Facebook Ads
Do you want to advertise on Facebook? If so, you should know that this is the best business strategy on Facebook. Do not post previously published articles. Try to create a "dark article" with a great editor. Use images that match your message, not just interesting ones.

Use other pages to capture the interest of visitors. Aim for a very specific audience through your ad or announcement. Reinstall marketing pixels and conversion tracking pixels on your website. Learning to write on Facebook is essential for a good business strategy.

Always tell your visitors what to do (click, buy, download, etc.) and why it should be done. If your budget is low, give priority to news feed announcements. It’s best to avoid instant sales, first let your potential customers know what the buying benefits will be. 

11. Make a soft sale
Forcing Internet users to buy is one of the deadliest mistakes in social media marketing. No matter what strategy you use with advertising, if you sell hard it will definitely fail.

Because people active on Facebook usually don’t stay there to buy anything. Many are on Facebook to browse photos of their family and friends. With such a brief announcement, will those who have no plans to buy see it? Absolutely not!

That's why Facebook ads are not for sale. Unlike Google AdWords where people who search for certain keywords really want to buy something. Thus, it is better to adopt a business strategy on Facebook to be able to make soft sales. The easiest way to do this is to donate something.

For example :

  • Ebook
  • Contents of the guide
  • Videos / webinars
  • Discount coupon

Don't give them away for free but in exchange for their contacts; Email or mobile number. Our goal is to get in touch with those who are interested in our products/services. Although at the moment he is not ready to buy.

So, another day, we can “call them again”. When they are ready to attract as an option they will buy. Your last point to keep in mind: Never sell hard on Facebook. Speaking of sales, how do you sell attachments with Amazon?

Conclusion: Facebook business strategy
So here we are at the end of Facebook’s best business strategies, which must be established to create commercial brands. Now, if you want to adopt a business strategy on Facebook, don’t hesitate, because the key is already in your hands. You just have to follow the strategies listed above and you are better off.

But you should know that having a well-known trademark saves money. And to get there you need time and lots of patience.

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Isabelle Evans