Engagement On Facebook

Is It Important For Business Page

Engagement On Facebook: Is It Important For Business Page

If you want to measure the success of content posted on a Facebook page, the interface is one of the most important metrics to keep an eye on. How to increase the engagement of a business Facebook page? We have learned to know engagement perfectly and without technique, but in an effective way we adopt a method to improve it biologically.

What is Facebook engagement?

In Insights, Facebook defines engagement as " the number of times people interacted with your posts through" likes, comments, shares, and more. " In English, the word "engagement" is translated as "engagement". So when someone asks you "how much engagement does your page get?", They're referring to the engagement on the page's posts.

engagement is the index that determines how the page post is determined. Simply put: the conversation on Facebook measures how effective the content is, able to attract and engage our audience.

To understand how to increase engagement on a Facebook page, we need to have a clear policy:

"Engagement is not the end, it is the means."

We must see engagement as a means to achieve our goals. 

In fact, engagement is one of the 3 main factors that regulate Facebook's algorithm, Edgerank, through which Facebook establishes the visibility of posts in the news section of each person. Facebook's goal is to provide each user with only relevant content. Through Edgerank Facebook assesses whether the content is relevant to a person, so only show relevant content in the news feed of each.

We don't see all the posts of the people we're connected to or all of the pages we follow: Facebook chooses for us the content that might interest us the most. Otherwise, everyone will find Facebook useless and annoying. Instead, finding relevant, funny, interesting, and exciting content on Facebook we are all pushed to open Facebook, watch, and ... Interact!

The 3 main factors that influence the visibility (which for pages we call coverage) of content in the news section, as stated by Facebook, are:

Who published the post

The most important thing for Facebook is our relationship with the content posted (more commonly known as “affinity”). How can an organization or brand be more important than a friend or family member? Notoriety and fame attract people to the company page. These are two very important levers that make them relevant to our corporate audience. But if we don't have true listeners and fans, some people will see our content.

The type of content

What kind of content is most interesting to a person? Let's not confuse the content and the format The content is the story, the format is how it is called.
So we can keep our birth story as content and decide to shape our story through a video, a photo, or any text (story format).

By "content-type" Facebook also refers to the format, but the content remains king.

"Content is the king": We’ve repeated this in fatigue, but it’s good to keep that in mind when we want to set up an online communication strategy. Content is also primary for visibility on Facebook, but it is also effective in relationships. The king wished the people well.

Holiday photos or videos or the best and happiest moments of friends and family. Video or photo communicates instantly and makes instant connections. How does corporate content beat our friends ’news? According to Facebook, it can't ... If not the last chance, other people have shown great interest in the subject through conversations with it!

The engagements with the post

The engagement with the post becomes an effective weapon to gain visibility in the news section of the people. If we publish an image and within a few minutes those who see it in their news section do not let it scroll without interacting with it, but comment, like, share, click to enlarge the photo, Facebook will show our post to other fans with interests like people interacting. Our content can thus reach a large niche or go viral, spreading and reaching many people. 

Facebook evaluates the type of engagements and attributes weight to each type: A long and explanatory comment generating feedback and feedback is one of the most appreciated feedback on Facebook today.

The first step in achieving this is to have a large number of loyal fans who view the pages of our organization uninterruptedly and instantly and respond to them.

Before we look at how this first step can be taken, we identify metrics and KPIs to measure the results of the strategy we are going to design, in order to accurately measure the results of our work.

The conversation is the key to reaching a wide audience of people interested in our content.

How to measure the engagement on a Facebook page?

Information on page engagement numbers can be found in the Insights, Overview, Coverage, and Post sections of the Facebook page.

Total number of interconnections

In a nutshell, we immediately get a brief description of the "engagement with posts" that shows the absolute number of engagements received last week with an increase or decrease rate compared to the previous week.

Benchmark: Comparison with Similar Pages

It's important to stay in the overview to explore the engagements that recent pages create.

"View from page" lets you compare your page's performance and your posts with similar Facebook pages. To check rankings, choose to monitor pages based on the number of fans, but to find out which pages are the busiest on other pages.

Correlation between engagement and organic coverage

In the Insights coverage section, we find all the data of the types of engagements obtained.
This information is not a coincidence in the coverage section, as explained because the steps taken in the posts will reach more people.

If we superimpose the graph of “post coverage” with “feedback, comments, shares and many more”, we can see that they have the same trend.

Have you ever noticed? The correlation between reactions and organic coverage of posts is evident.

The engagements on every single post

In the "Post" section of the Insights, we find all the data relating to the individual posts: engagements divided by reactions, comments and shares, engagement rate (the ratio between the number of engagements and coverage), hidden posts, and much more.

With a glance, we can identify the content that users liked the most.

We think the first step to the success of a post is to see the post by people who are interested in it and want to interact with the content.

So we also have to consider the time factor. So come and see if the posts that got the most response were published at a certain time and at a certain distance from the previous post and we will try to recreate the same posts with the same kind of posts that we are going to publish.

Increase the engagement on a business page in practice

To increase the engagement on the posts of our company page we must ensure that:

  • the post is displayed (by those who deem it relevant)
  • people interact quickly with it

If we want to bring content to the attention of our audience in a fast, timely, and comprehensive way, we can and certainly do sponsorship. Often it is more profitable to spend a few euros without working time. But this is an assessment that we can only make on a case-by-case basis: is it more profitable for you to spend time or money?

We can certainly improve engagements with sponsorships, post-to-post extensions, beyond the biological reach and capture of our visitors.

Increasing activity is always the most effective way to reach a wider audience and gain awareness and notoriety.

Let us know what you want to learn to engage your audience. We'll be happy to talk about it with you or with counseling sessions or personalized training.

Stella Palmer