Does Social Media Marketing Affect

Your SEO Rankings?

Does Social Media Marketing Affect Your SEO Rankings?

SEO is an essential tool for bringing your website and content to the forefront and making it visible online. An integrated SEO strategy ensures that your content will appear at the top of search results on Google and other search engines. The value attached is obvious, because even users who already know your brand may not be aware of your website. The interplay between SEO and social media marketing is often the least connected to real SEO experts. In fact, experts often have very different opinions about the impact of shared content on social media in their SEO rankings. Below, we want to look at the pros and cons of each case. There is a reason for not having a reason for this and four important reasons why it is important! Here we land at a point

1. Arguments against social media marketing in the context of SEO

An important aspect of a successful SEO strategy is the number of backlinks. Backlinks are vital for your content to appear at the top of search results on Google and other search engines. This helps identify as many external links to your content as possible from influential sources. But are links to social media posts included in this calculation? Controversial experts against the impact of social media marketing in terms of SEO prefer to cite Google's only official statement on the subject so far. Google actually says that "social signals", for example, have no direct effect on Google's ranking algorithm when it comes to sharing content on social media. But is that the whole story?

2. The methods of the algorithm are intact

But of course, it is not so easy. Because in the end, only Google knows which factors play a role in their algorithm. The company is generally reluctant to focus on Google's technology. And so Google has not made any further statements on this particular issue. So it is by no means certain that Google's algorithm will speak today, yesterday, and tomorrow. In fact, there are now several studies that could prove the impact of social media activity on the content of the SET rankings. A 2018 Hootsuite study could prove that the content of a website shared via social media is 12% more SEO incentive than non-shared content. Although the content promoted on social media was 22% better in the final SEO analysis. A similar study by optimonster confirmed these results in 2019.

3. Social media posts appear in search

At the moment we have no exact assurance about how social media activities affect SEO rankings. But they seem to have confirmed this, at least indirectly. Another way social media posts can increase your company's search engine visibility is the direct visibility of social media posts in Google results. Because the websites you share on social networks do not directly lead to better Google rankings for your website, the shared social media posts will still be displayed and displayed on Google.

4. Not all roads lead through Google

So far we've only seen the pros and cons of social media marketing from Google's perspective. The search engine giant has become almost the same as internet searches nowadays due to its certain amount of comprehension. Still, it would be a mistake to simply combine your SEO strategy with Google 100%. Above all; As of September 2020, 10% of search engine searches in the United States were done by other search engines next to Google, with another 15% by Bing. Unlike Google, Bing has explicitly confirmed that social signals have a direct impact on Bing's content rankings. And another important search path has overtaken Google: the social networks themselves. Because these days when people search for a brand or content on the internet, nothing more is done by search engines alone. But instead directly through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. A large part of the potential search and reach could be lost for an organization that does not regularly share content through social media.

5. Social media as a barometer of your content

Lastly, social media marketing serves another purpose which makes it vital for a successful SEO strategy. Unlike classic SEO analysis, content, and target groups on social media can be analyzed in more detail according to your purpose and quantity. So you can use your social media marketing as a valuable tool to calibrate your general SEO strategy. Clicking, liking, and sharing content give you direct information about the effectiveness of content and keywords and the loyalty that your target groups will gain to this content. You can learn a lot about your target groups here. Best Goal SEO Keywords will not help you if you do not understand why and for what purpose your target groups are searching for these terms online. The so-called "social hearing", is passive listening in your target groups on social networks. It can provide you with these answers and thus provide valuable inspiration for how you can design your next content.

In short, we see that the direct impact of social media marketing on your SEO ranking is not controversial. But there are many reasons why the connection between these two success factors is so important and significant. But be careful: this doesn't mean that the perfect amount of your social media activity is the key to your company's high visibility online. Yes, regular contributions are important. But, if these contributions do not provide any real added value to your target groups, then your contributions are invalid.

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