Digital Marketing Career

Check Out Where To Start

Digital Marketing Career  Check Out Where To Start

A career in digital marketing is quite inspiring for a variety of reasons. After all, in a connected world and with the rise of Internet access, adapting and not developing digital strategies can be the death knell for many organizations.

In other words, as more brands invest in digital marketing, the area job market expands and presents more opportunities. So, the sector is reassuring, even other sectors are suffering from this crisis.

But the market is looking for qualified professionals interested in investing in a career in digital marketing. Even after so many people suddenly change jobs and enter marketing, the field is wide and there are various possibilities for specialization.

Since this is a very dynamic field, there are many different ways to start your career in digital marketing divers so let's learn how to get started and take advantage of every opportunity!

What does it take to start a career in digital marketing?
First of all, answer the question:

Do you really know what digital marketing is?

Well, to understand what digital marketing should be as the starting point for entering this area, you need to understand this set of communication strategies and what they are.

The goal of digital marketing is to promote a brand in an online environment that can be any individual or organization. As simple as this definition may seem, strategies can be quite complex, as they involve several areas, such as:

  1. Content Production;
  2. Inbound Marketing;
  3. Design;
  4. Branding;
  5. Social Media Management;
  6. Influencer marketing;
  7. Automation;
  8. Performance Analysis.

Faced with so many options, knowing a little more about each will help you choose which path to take. In addition, a good professional has at least some knowledge about the effectiveness of each region. So, it is important to understand digital marketing as a whole and to understand every need.

What courses and training are recommended for this region?

The internet itself is already a great source of knowledge, isn't it? And it's perfectly possible because other marketers have already paved the way for you. After all, one day they created content for their marketing strategies to help those who are starting their careers in marketing.

Thus, it is possible to launch individual courses, specialize, search for online content, or invest in a degree in digital marketing or related fields. Some connections are:

  1. Advertising and Marketing;
  2. Journalism;
  3. Public Relations.

However, it is common to find people who come from completely different regions and surrender to digital marketing. So there is no obstacle! Marketing is an open field for those who want to know more about this topic.

If you are not attending any of the above colleges, there are other ways to enter the digital business. The most important thing is to gain knowledge and experience because building a strong career is slow.

Even taking courses, reading books, and watching countless videos on the internet, what professionals are learning and applying what the market is looking for. No matter what background you have in your area, complementary courses can help you gather the knowledge you need to start your career in digital marketing.

For you to understand better: Regardless of your current field of expertise, the most important thing is to understand the universe of digital marketing and how its aspects work. In this way, you will have a broad idea of ​​how processes are related and interdependent.

Take it one step further and start walking this path to understand more about digital marketing. If you need a little help with this, here are some areas to start your career.

What are the key areas for working with digital marketing?

There are several areas of digital marketing and the most important thing is that you understand at least the basics of each of them. In this way, you will become more fully professional with the ability to work on different demands.

However, having a specialty that can deepen your skills can give good results. So, start exploring the possibilities of digital marketing to find any activity that is ideal for your profile. Check out some of them now!


Electronic commerce has been one of the great revolutions of the last decades. Who knew that the day would come when we would be able to shop without leaving home and without contacting any salesperson?

This shift has also paved the way for broader marketing services. After all, e-commerce sales are not done alone, customers need to be attracted, right? Thus, online sales strategies require skilled professionals in this field.

If you want to work in this field, understand the logistics, metrics, user experience, product presentation, re-marketing, usability, and other requirements. If you want to pursue this career, start learning more about the needs of this market.


Do you know when a company is remarkable to the point that you recognize it only by detail or some reference? This happens when the brand does an excellent job of branding and is registered in the mind and heart of the public.

The branding strategy works with:

  1. Positioning;
  2. Creation Of Brand Identity;
  3. Purpose;
  4. Values;
  5. Speech And Tone Of Voice.

Branding really connects the brand to the public, which means the whole marketing strategy is built to develop this relationship based on this relationship with the customers. Having customer loyalty generates authority and increases the perception of quality.

Work is growing with brand management and companies are investing in branding development. Choosing this specialty in case of a favorable scenario is a great way for your marketing career.


Search Engine Optimization is another indispensable area in digital marketing. Any online business needs to create an SEO strategy, as it is only with the application of the right techniques that the pages appear on the first page of Google.

Thus, to gain more technical knowledge, it is necessary to understand keyword search tools, reports, analytics, and other activities. Sites and blogs need to be optimized to get better rankings in search engines, right? But to achieve this you need to invest in SEO.

The pillars of SEO are:

  1. Reputation: programming, hosting provider, technical aspects of the website;
  2. Authority: relevance of the content presented according to the niche in which it operates;
  3. Popularity: quality, external links that point to the site.

Content Marketing

Especially with the rise of inbound marketing strategies, it makes the most of the content marketing audience in today’s region with uniquely relevant content likely to be the customer of the brand.

Without direct promotion, content marketing solves a person's pain. From there the relationship between the brand and the customer begins. So, they are part of the strategy:

  1. Blog Posts;
  2. Videos;
  3. E-books;
  4. Infographics ;
  5. Podcasts;
  6. Content For Social Networks;
  7. Email.

Social media

It is very difficult to find such a brand in a hyper-connected world without the presence of a social brand. In this sense, there is a high demand for professionals to work with social media.

But it is not enough to enjoy social networks too much, for each organization to understand how the strategy works to research how to create campaigns and engage the audience so that they become fans of the brand is one of them.

Competitors need to study, manage communities, understand the language of each social media and other concepts. So, if you like social networks, interactions and want to start your career in this field, know that the market is open!

Have you taken the first step and seen the potential to build a successful digital marketing career? In addition to those listed above, work is being done on payment media, growth hackers, automation, and more. If the region is really interesting to you, it will not be difficult to find the desired category to dive into the digital universe.

Take advantage of what you understand more about digital marketing and see the marketing trends for next year!

Stella Palmer