Deep Understanding Of

Influencer Marketing Basics

Deep Understanding Of Influencer Marketing Basics

Influencer marketing is a deep concept in the digital marketing industry. We know that in the celebrity industry, everything is an uproar. A celebrity makes any move become a huge gossip. Well, in Business and Marketing there is also what we call "hot topic". There are many effective methods that are spread online. And "Influencer Marketing" is the one that most joined and the teams among them.

Today we live in a world full of marketing and business. When do you think of making an announcement? What comes to mind? Magazine headlines? TV commercials? I'll tell you the truth, they may not be as effective as before. Time changes, effective advertising changes too. Now influencers just say some magic prayers in their 1-3 minute video and then voila! Sales come true! Moreover, these influencers with their extensive and large following can make you stand out from the chaotic and old advertising methods. It will also bring extremely massive value to your brand.

So what is Influencer Marketing? How deep this marketing campaign can help you? You can get all the answers to your question about influencer marketing from this article.

Before deepening your knowledge and understanding. We first define the two words:

"Influence is the ability to influence the behavior, development, character, and decisions of someone or something, and even the effect itself."
"Marketing is the activity of a company that promotes or sells products and services."

What is Influencer Marketing?

This is a world of "internet celebrities". They are famous profiles and attractive people. People who have a large following and who can influence their followers to make decisions.

You can hire these people. They can help you sell your product/service and build your brand reputation.

Because influencers have a certain level of trust among their followers. Companies can take advantage of it and partner with them to reach their target audience.

In short, companies use Influencers to drive brand awareness. They can spread information about the product/service, leading to potential customers.

Start By Defining Your Goals

Influencer marketing is an extremely effective method. You can boost the results of your marketing content we have seen. But before that, you need to  START BY DEFINING YOUR GOALS to identify the ultimate goal to be able to contact your influencers accordingly. The different ways to leverage influencers in your content marketing are as follows:

  • Increase awareness and credibility of your brand
  • Create compelling content
  • Attract more traffic to your content
  • Enter new markets

Feature of Influencer marketing

Here are some great features that Influencer Marketing can offer:

Influencer marketing is unique

Publicity through social media has already given everyone the possibility to express their own thoughts. Anyone who has the ability to speak and has an internet connection can share your content. Anyone with a smartphone can create high-quality photos and share them with their personal social media accounts. And in which the most and most attractive promise will grow and become an influencer.

Influencer marketing is authentic

Yes, you read that right. Have you seen an ad online about the easiest way to lose these neglected fats in your stomach? Have you ever felt a home in your body that believes those ads? Or, have you ever seen an ad on television for a soap that can whiten your skin after just one wash? How is that possible? Don't be discouraged. But it makes cause and influencer marketing more authentic and effective than traditional themed ads seen through online advertising, TV commercials, etc.

Influencers can help you with your brand image.

Driving traffic to your business is an important part. And social media can do this very effectively. It has the power to drive organic traffic to your website. It can build stronger bonds between you and your customers, boost your SEO, and create media coverage. Your "Superman" is an influencer in promoting your brand name and making a splash on various social media sites. These will help you target the right path, develop your social network, share ideas on how to create your content, and improve your SEO.

Influencer marketing is profitable!

If you’re already tired of posting a few brochures anywhere in your area, you won’t find any sales at the end of the day. Influencer marketing is the best method for you. Even if you don't set a fixed price for influencer marketing, whether you offer them for free, pay for performance or others suggest a "flat fee" price. But let me tell you - it was a great day for me. Plenty of research has already shown that it aims to be more affordable and effective than traditional advertising. You can find a company that can give you the highest priority for influencer marketing campaigns. To know how to find the best influencer marketing agency near you, you can read this article. 

The Influencer Marketing Trend

The presence of these influencers e is increasing in the online environment. Especially in Social media networks like bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, twitterers. It is a relevant actor in social media marketing strategies.

To better understand this concept, we are going to talk about two real cases of successful marketing campaigns in which the figure of the influencer has been vital.

At the national level, we are going to highlight the marketing campaign that Puma carried out to achieve repercussions. This is a typical case of influencer marketing that went viral on a national level.

Puma is a manufacturer of sports clothing and footwear well known in its sector. The multinational launched IgniteXT shoes and Cross-Training footwear. It differentiates itself by offering superior energy performance, the largest comfort, and optimal durability.

The main purpose of Puma through this strategy was to create visibility and generate engagement.

To achieve this, they carried out a campaign through influencers experts in different sectors. Puma sent them the shoes and they shared them on their social networks with photos of "lifestyle" or sport, generating effects and branding.

To select the influencers, important requirements were reviewed. Such as the scope of their posts, the frequency with which they updated, the quality of the content, or the compatibility they had with the brand.

Two influencers chosen were Nina Urgell (fashion blogger with 450K followers on Instagram) and Sergio Carvajal (model with 271K followers on Instagram).

Breaking the form of traditional campaigns, the Samsung brand appears. In this case, the main goal was to create "Buzz" through celebrity influencers to distribute.

On the night of the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres gave her Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Bradley Cooper. And he took a selfie in which celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt appear. The presenter was in charge of sharing it with all her “followers” ​​(52M) through Twitter, breaking records. It is the most retweeted selfie in history, reaching a figure of 3.4 million retweets.

After the success of this campaign, it was discovered that this influencer strategy involved an investment of 20 million dollars for Samsung. But, it managed to achieve an immediate and positive impact worldwide.

Currently, 65% of companies already develop influencer marketing campaigns. It is an essential asset if they want to generate fame and trust with the client. They are its greatest prescribers. Their messages are clearly signified. And their goal is to change user behavior in support of the brand.


If you've been struggling to get noticed, influencer marketing might be the way to speed up your success.

Before selecting an influencer, do your research and make sure they are the perfect fit for you. Many times it can even work faster than conventional marketing techniques.

Finally, you can use a platform like Jocial to connect with suitable social media influencers.

Stella Palmer