Customer service in social networks

Strategy & Tools

Customer service in social networks: Strategy & Tools

We are now in a digital world where the use of social networks is represented. As a more universal reality, the position of millions of active users on social networks is growing every day. Some rare transformations have taken place on these social networks. Because users are increasingly using networks as a priority for communication. Customer service help should consider this medium as an ultimate bet for customer aid. Not as an alternative, it is a matter of real importance. Today we are here to talk about online customer service that can help you grow your online marketing strategy.  

The customer's buying experience should be absolutely satisfactory enough. And these include pre-purchase, post-purchase, and post-treatment. Since this can be a determining factor in the case of repeat purchases, so, good customer service strategies must be applied.

Why is it necessary to provide good online customer service?

The attention your customers pay will mean the difference between your business or your competitive purchase.

A satisfied customer will not only be more likely to return to your store but will probably recommend your service. Lifetime "word of mouth", but in an online format.

Also, before or after the purchase, your customer may have doubts or questions, if he gets good attention before the purchase, he must choose your product or service before your competition.

Thus, it is essential to have one or more people in charge of this process. And if this is not possible in your organization, employees must have the necessary knowledge to be able to apply customer service strategies properly.

What customer service strategies can you work on in your business?

Every business is different, not all businesses can follow the same strategy or have the same type of customer. So, the best customer service strategy you can follow is to make it for your business.

To help you set up the strategy, here are 5 guidelines you can consider when creating your own method:

  • Establish a customer service protocol
  • Assign the people who will be in charge of carrying out this protocol and serving clients or potential clients
  • Prepare your employees with good training
  • Listen to your client and know what their needs are
  • Personalize your customer's buying experience

As we have already said, every business is different. But, these guidelines can help you establish more advanced protocols. It helps you adapt to your business which keeps your clients 100% satisfied and avoids so many bad situations.

What online customer service tools can you use?

Once you have clear the needs of your client and the cases that may arise where they need attention from the company, it is time to establish the channels through which you will serve your clients or potential clients.

In this case, we will focus on ONLINE customer service tools. There are many platforms that offer us chats, live conversations, or help on your own website to help service. But you must choose the one or those that best suit your business.

Among the tools that you can use we can find the following:

Live chat: Including chat on your website is a very useful tool, especially in an online business. This channel can replace emails or calls and is more efficient in speed and troubleshooting. But users can usually request answers to questions or information that is not available on the web before making a purchase.

Having a chat in your online business is one of the best ways to work online customer service today.

Email: It is the most popular online tool for customer organization communication. It usually comes with a purchase process, subscription, registration. It is a part of the service and influences the customer's perception of our brand.

The client can contact the company by writing directly from their email to an email address or using a form installed within your own website.

Social Networks

We have not been able to pass social networks as a channel of attention. Currently, users are traveling the fastest, especially the youngest. A direct channel with the company and the negative features of social networks, doubts, or customer questions can be resolved with great effectiveness.

We can find different forms of contact:

Facebook Messenger: it is a very fast and effective way. Facebook allows you to establish customer service hours on your page. And offers the user the average waiting time to receive a response from the page.

A direct message from Instagram: This route doesn't seem to be widely used, but you'll be amazed at how many businesses you sell through Instagram. And if the focus is fast through personal messages, you can reap great benefits over your competitors.

Also, being a full mobile social network, it allows you to receive instant notifications and respond quickly (although you need to disconnect from work).

WhatsApp Business: it is the newest tool. It takes less time between companies. But it is very useful since it allows you to separate your personal WhatsApp from your company WhatsApp.

Also, WhatsApp Business allows you to establish customer service hours and schedule automatic responses. We must always avoid “robotizing” our responses as much as possible. But it is very practical when you are out of office hours.

This tool enables fast, easy, and direct communication with the client.

These are just some online customer service tools. But depending on your type of business, there will be some that are better for you and others that are not so useful, but it never hurts to know them.

Do you use any other tool to provide your online customer service? Let us know about that. If you are interested in different marketing strategies and online business campaigns you can contact JOCIAL. You can learn so many business things from here. Good Day!

Stella Palmer