Changes In Digital Marketing

What Strategies And Actions Should Be Taken In 2021

Changes In Digital Marketing How What Strategies And Actions Should Be Taken In 2021

We are in 2021 and last year brought a completely unexpected change in all sectors. Today, technology is more present than ever before and has completely influenced consumer habits. For this reason, we see the need to implement some changes in marketing. Which one do you want to know? Then don't miss this article!

What a stay in 2020! He has changed everyone’s routine, strengthened some exercises, and kept some habits. But now is the time to stop analyzing what it was and what it will be so that we are most interested in it: optimizing our results।

Marketing changes that took place a few years ago were accelerated in 2020. And with this evolution, new practices have emerged with the sole purpose of bringing your customers together.

That's why today we dedicate this article to marketing change!

Digital media
E-commerce has exploded and how trade has grown compared to last year. That's why more and more companies are choosing to sell on the Internet.

However, with increasing competition, how do you stand out in the market? Here we are: with digital marketing!

One of the biggest mistakes companies have made in the online sales world is to think that creating e-commerce is like opening a neighbor's store and not thinking about marketing.

What they don’t know is that the neighboring store has a physical location and if it doesn’t invest in great marketing strategies, the store itself attracts people, something that doesn’t happen in the digital world.

E-commerce with great business marketing strategies brings great results. But which is the most effective in the current context? We'll see about that later.

Relationship with the customer
Excluding digital media as an effective way to engage with customers - a strong trend. Since the customer has been connected for a long time - the customer relationship is evolving on its own.

Faced with all the uncertainties experienced in 2020, what consumers are looking for now is security. And that’s why transparent communication and more authentic and truthful relationships are becoming increasingly valuable.

In this context, conversation marketing is fixed, which is strongly present and contributes to customer and brand loyalty.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use in your work. So, the changes in marketing and its strategies that you will see below are current requirements starting at the beginning of the decade. (And yes, despite the controversy, the RAE claims that the new decade began in 2021).

So here we are moving the focus on digital marketing - stronger than ever - with changes in different strategies.

What are the changes in marketing in 2021?
Some adaptations are needed to adapt the digital marketing strategy to the current situation. Do you want them to know? So, keep reading.

Email marketing
A survey conducted by Statista in 2017 already predicted that the number of email users worldwide would reach 4.48 billion by 2024, which would certainly surpass the current situation.

Today, email marketing is stronger than ever. As the use of email increases in 2020, consumers are becoming more focused and more selective about what they will get through this.

In this situation, our email marketing strategy is bound to do a good job.

Although the email open rate has increased, so has the unsubscription. So, we need to be able to deliver what we know about our departments and our customers will work effectively for them.

In-depth knowledge of email marketing techniques will help you work more effectively and achieve the expected results.

Video usage has also increased in 2020 so this practical way of communication continues to be a great strategy.

The online shows featured in the video stand out as the most notable event of 2020. Various platforms like YouTube and Facebook have come up with this innovative way of sending a different experience during the epidemic and have been very successful.

This marketing trend can be embraced in a variety of ways. For example, sponsoring such events or creating webinars.

Webinars also had a strong presence in 2020 so many companies have spread across this content model.

These are two completely different kinds of experiences with the audience at different times of the customer. So it is important to think first about the personality and business requirements of the buyer to choose the best format.

Another platform that stands out when it comes to videos is TikTok. With a younger audience, it has been widely accepted in the Latin American market.

According to a study conducted by Statista in July 2020, in the UK, the number of downloads of the Android application in the Google Play Store passed 5.18 million. This number represents a 500% increase in one year, with downloads skyrocketing starting in February of last year.

Thus, if your buyer has a profile of the users of this platform, we suggest you consider it as a means of promoting your brand.

Interactive content
Interactive content attracts more attention from growing users. And they are a great way to get to know your customers better.

You can create calculators, questionnaires, videos, infographics, assessment tools, maps, etc., any element so that the user can interact with the content while using it.

The data obtained with their conversations help you in the future actions of your brand and you can use them in any other strategy.

Before, as an alternative to attracting customer attention to interactive content, today it is a necessity. Since it allows you to stand out from so much competition, thanks to the great power of their involvement and their virtualization.

Influence Marketing
Influence Marketing has taken other courses in 2020. This trend was a few years ago, allocating another shadow last year.

Influence marketing or Influencer marketing is the strategy by which a brand connects with someone who influences the adoption of a brand or product through digital media.

This strategy is simply a variant of the well-known traditional marketing strategy, where celebrities were hired to advertise a product or brand.

But, just as the great celebrities were losing prominence in this market, many of the famous YouTubers and bloggers also followed this path.

A team of digital personalities with a small following is making an even greater impact on a small audience: micro-influencers.

There are two reasons why micro-influencers are more credible among their audiences and more effective in marketing campaigns: their proximity and proximity to their audience segmentation. These two features make the results better and at a much lower cost.

For all this, it is another of the strategies you can think of. If you want to know more about influencer marketing or social media influencers you can learn from Jocial. Because an advanced influencer marketing platform can teach you advanced strategy. 

Social networks
Social life is more present in human life than ever before. No one is ironed from spending so much time on the internet and from time to time they run away to know the latest news on the internet.

Maintaining close contact with the public is a vital channel, even as the brand's free access decreases with each passing year.

Before becoming a channel to increase organic traffic to a brand's blog or to improve its visibility through its publications, today social networks serve more as a means of communicating with clients and building more bonds with consumers who follow it. This is due to the limitations of the platforms in the opportunity to publish commercial profiles.

While paid ads can be used to reach more users of the platform or to promote commercially relevant content that deserves more, the results are still quite good.

If you thought that the Podcast could reduce its reach as soon as the epidemic came, you were wrong! (Or rather, we were wrong!).

Most users of the "Radio on Demand" version have listened to traffic podcasts - somewhat reduced with the epidemic - this type of content continues to appear more than ever before.

In Latin America, in 2020, there has been an increase in podcasts considered the boom of this modality. This increase in the material and content from different segments has emerged in this format.

Faced with this scenario, in podcasts we find great opportunities to reach viewers through quality content in audio format. Giving the user a closer experience with the brand and the opportunity to spend a little less on his message than traditional media.

Content Marketing
Content marketing fans have nothing to worry about, it's still king!

In the latest study conducted by HubSpot in 2020, 40% of marketers say that Content Marketing is one of their top marketing strategies. Also, the same study comments that the success of a Content Marketing strategy is reflected in total sales.

There is no doubt that a good content marketing strategy leads to success as a result. But, you need to consider the impact of where you are facing the new situation and understand what your buyer will expect from you.

Content variety is also important, not to forget two things: videos, podcasts, interactive content, etc. Need to be more present than before: SEO and user experience. So you know, focus on writing UX!

Local Marketing
If your business has a physical location, take advantage of local marketing.

The current trend is to swallow around the house. People are homeless and often, they no longer need to travel long distances to get work. This is not a good thing for local marketing and attracting more customers than local marketing.

If you still don't have a Google My Business account, don't wait to create one, it's free and opens up a variety of opportunities. Take advantage of them!

Digital ads give great results. Unlike most of the strategies mentioned above, advertising platforms deliver short-term results. So balancing between different types of strategies helps you achieve the expected results faster.

Remember, the more people you connect with, the more likely your ad is to reach you.

And now where do you start?
We imagine that after all this, you must have thousands of ideas to put into practice, right? But before you make any changes to your strategy it is important that you follow these 3 steps:

1. Review your customer's purchase journey.
As you can see, the way of eating has changed and you need to know what has changed in your customer's purchasing journey to determine which or best strategies.

The pandemic may have created new opportunities and other means of communication, so it’s best to review it before making a decision.

2. Get to know your buyer persona better.
Just as the buying journey can be different, so can the personality of your buyer.

The year of change has affected all people’s routines and habits, but it has also interfered with some more personal attitudes. For this reason, re-analysis of your buyer personality can give you other important perspectives that allow you to personalize the experience, which has become a necessity today as an alternative.

3. Create your 2021 marketing plan.
Now, once you've learned the marketing changes by analyzing the purchase journey and your buyer's personality, it's time to plan your strategies for 2021.

And to help you in this task, we leave you an article that will guide you to build the perfect marketing plan.

Stella Palmer