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TikTok Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, TikTok is on everyone’s mind that allows users to create lip-sync videos and short music. This is one of the best platforms providing a new way of expressing creativity and the hottest topic in the world of social media for both marketers and users. ¬†Therefore many of the marketers are developing different TikTok strategies in their social media planning.

Now take a look at some valuable numbers that realize by many agencies and brands to use the medium for their business. Previously TikTok has been known as and then it has been acquired by the Chinese company ByteDance in 2017, and has been changed the name TikTok. They are aiming to provide their users with a platform to enrich creativity, and offer an entertaining and authentic experience. Now, the platform has gain immense popularity in social media and counts 500 million active users and grew to 500 million users in 3 years. Also, the TikTok application has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times worldwide, which is the most-downloaded app followed by YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat on the Apple App Store. Besides, TikTok comes in rank seven of the most downloaded apps of the decade.

Now take a look at the users. There are 41% of them are age 16 to 24, but the app’s main target audience is people under the age of 18. You can also call it a winner, when it comes to time people spending on it. The study says that TikTok’s average daily time spent is 52 min, the medium ranks third. Therefore, it can be said that 90% of users access the app daily.

Source: Mediakix

So, we can see the potential of having a TikTok marketing strategy for any business, especially if you want to reach a younger audience. TikTok is highly popular and entertaining platform, it might not be no-hit to just advertise your products, but also by using TikTok marketing strategy you can create brand awareness and improve your image.

TikTok provide creative freedom to their users and it is quite easy to give information by placing short videos on it. Influencer shares their postings with users who are mostly their age and so get much feedback and attention. Businesses can reach their potential customers with ease and can motivate people to take part in their journey and success.

The best way to get success on TikTok is to work with influencers whose fans match your target audience. If you think that TikTok to be a good fit for your audience, then you have to find compatible influencers. The best starting point would be searching for influencers who share videos on relevant topics. Also you can take services from an agency to organize your influencer marketing for you.

Isabelle Evans