Boost Your “Business” With Twitter

Why And How

Boost Your “Business” With Twitter: Why And How

Previously, we explained more precisely what Twitter is and how to use it. In this article, we will discuss in detail the interesting reasons for appearing on Twitter to encourage a "business". There will also be questions to explain to you how it should be used to succeed.

What is Twitter for?
A primary purpose is a large number of followers. That way, your messages will reach as many people as possible. It will serve you for a variety of purposes:

You can continue research on a specific topic. This way you can share the same person's opinion or exchange it with someone different than you.
Thanks to hashtags, you can increase the visibility of a site, an image, a link, etc., and thus interact with the target audience.

From a business perspective, knowing how Twitter works lets you access the latest information in your activity sector. It helps build your brand's reputation, communicate easily with customers, and provide them with responsive customer service. One of the most important functions of Twitter is after-sales service. In fact, many Internet users go through this network to complain to a network. This is especially explained by the fact that Twitter is known as a social network where responsiveness is required and with a community whose interaction is the strongest!

Why Do You Use Twitter for Your business?

Twitter already has a specific audience. It makes it easier to reach people in brands and businesses and get results.

Having a real-time reputation barometer is the equivalent of having a network on Twitter. Thanks to Twitter, they follow the latest market trends.

Using Twitter, a business can build a truly close relationship with its customers. He will be able to easily communicate all relevant news about her. Also, he can instantly help dissatisfied customers or any problem customers such as his after-sales service.
Promoting your business on Twitter is free.

By activating on Twitter, a box can reach another viewer who was not yet committed to it.

With the help of the "Questions" feature or simply by tweeting questions, a business can start a conversation with its customers. In this way, he will be able to take advantage of the feedback he has received about her.

Some numbers

Brands associate with Twitter getes this rising metrics across the marketing funnel:
+ 18% = Message association;
+ 8% = Brand awareness;
+ 7% = Brand preference;
+ 3% = Purchase intent.

They illustrate the positive effects of using “followers” ​​for Twitter businesses.

You can see that companies find it very interesting to interact with their visitors on Twitter, especially since social networks are free.

To create your company account, it's here!

How to use Twitter to grow your business?
There are several tips for using Twitter effectively for your business. Here are a few!

No "hashtags", no results

It’s important to know that a tweet must have a “hashtag” with it to be visible. "Hashtag" is a keyword that, before the "#" sign, is used on many social networks. When a post is accompanied by a "hashtag", it is also visible to users who are not your "friends" or "followers".

Using your "hashtags" well and choosing can double the interaction between any tweets. This means that a firm organization can reach twice as many people as its "followers"! By choosing the right hashtags under their publications, companies can get their message across to as many people as possible.

To find out how to choose your "hashtags", here are some sites that can help you:  TagBoard,  Tweet Binder, or  RiteTag.  

Tweet at the right time

When you post a tweet it can have a huge impact on what will be visible. Over time a tweet can go viral or perhaps fall into the abyss of a social network.

According to some surveys, 1 pm may be the ideal time to post on Twitter to reach as many people as possible. And 3 p.m. And from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Why? Because in general, Twitter users are more active in slots during the week and especially at this time.

Thanks for taking the time to optimize the visibility of your tweets, among other things, you can visit the Twitter Analytics site. This will allow Twitter to analyze your account statistics more effectively to grow your "business."

Find your content using a Twitter list

The more accounts you follow on Twitter, the harder it is to find your way. Twitter knows this. To keep track of your genuinely interested accounts, the social network offers to create a list of customizable Twitter.

In this way, an organization can create a list of its customers, other influencers working for it will put their competing companies in the more rearview mirror, etc.

Can Twitter Influencers help you grow your business?

Social media influencers are now a growing marketing option in digital marketing fields. Like another digital marketing concept, influencer marketing is also improving. Some businesses already created a large hype on these tactics. From Facebook to Instagram this influencing methodology is increasing. And now its popular business developing site Twitter, LinkedIn is capturing this social influencer. 

Influencers are the people who can drive you in a single direction that they want to lead. They can move you to a specific style of motivation that you have to choose for your daily hacks. It's not about pressure, it's all about nature influencing. For example, people who are following Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram are much crazy about the sports shoe that he shows. Also, the community who follows him can make a reaction to the style he proposes in the post. So like Instagram, he has a particular fan base that he is leading on other social sites.

For Twitter, influencers are also creating their followers' community. People who can influence people through the activity on Twitter are called Twitter Influencer. They are much more effective for developing your business online. We have already said that influencers can lead your business promotion to a new level. For making this marketing strategy, a new marketing platform is also growing. So influencers on Twitter can be your partner to move the result best. For the best influencer marketing deal, you have to choose a perfect influencer for your business. If you want to create your plan on Instagram you have to choose Instagram Influencers. And then you can step by step propose your promotion online. 

If you want to make an influencer promotional plan for your digital business you can join an influencer marketing platform. As we are proving world-class influencers and marketing services you can join us. Not only Twitter influencer marketing but also all social media marketing you will get suitable influencer and content packages here. 

Now you know a little more about the reasons why Twitter is used to "encourage" a "business"!

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