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5 Cool Tricks For Your Social Media

5 Cool Tricks For Your Social Media

If we want to stand with our brand and connect with our audience, we need to create original and quality content for our social networks.

But we often take time to create all these materials. Take photos for Instagram, upload stories, record and edit videos for YouTube, write good text across all networks ... and move our business forward.

If we consider the dynamic nature of the Internet and the speed at which social networks operate, we can conclude that we must adopt social strategies and all strategies in order not to lag behind in social communication.

The users are using so many platforms now.  They are increasingly using information, entertainment, and communication. And it is because the slightest failure can lead to our ultimate absolutism.

Why today we focus on many useful strategies that will enable us to harness all the possibilities that the king of our social media gives us. Take a pen and paper because after reading these tips, your social media strategies will know only one word: success.

1. Facebook
At the end of this news, you will find the appropriate measurement and resolution of the infographic you can look for. That's why your photographs show them as they deserve. For example, the norm for a cover image would be 851 × 315 pixels, while in the profile image we are talking about 180 × 180 pixels.

In the case of shared links, we can see that 1200x627 pixels would be perfect, whereas in photographs we recommend 1200 × 900 px which we share.

It is always advisable to use the highest quality and PNG format. If we take a look at the scope of this social network, we will see that Thursday and Friday are the best days to publish content.

An action for which we must take into account that the best time is between 9:00 a.m. and 19:00 p.m. It doesn't hurt to always ask questions to interact with our users with a variety of products.

2. Twitter
In the case of the Twitter cover image, we are talking about the proposed dimensions of 1500 × 500 pixels. 400 × 400 if we talk about profile photography. We use PNG format before JPG or GIF but it is always better

Some suggestions to keep in mind are that the images we share on social networks must have a maximum weight of 5 MB or 3 MB in the case of GIFs.

The best days to post like Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. The highest levels of B-to-B activity are observed on weekdays, and the peak of B-to-C activity occurs on Wednesdays and weekends.

Tools like Hootsuite, Summal, or Twitonomy can make our work on Twitter easier.

3. YouTube
With equal interest on the video platform, be sure to publish our high-quality content with the recommended dimensions of 16: 9 format, and 1280 × 720 pixels. We find that Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the best days to post because Thursday and Sunday are the busiest days.

Peaks begin at 18:00 on weekdays. Also to the critical and mutual links in your video description, never forget to create your playlist for the convenience of your users.

4. Pinterest
The profile picture should be 165 × 165 with a maximum size of 10MB. In the case of pins, these should be at least 600px. Saturday is the best day to post on Pinterest where the key to success lies in delivering key content.

5. Instagram
On the image equivalent social network, we found that our profile photography must have a dimension of 110 × 100 pixels. Monday is the best day to post on Instagram.

The best time to publish is between 15:00 and 16:00 and we always have to pay more attention to our image with hashtags. We must spend more than two days without publishing anything.


How can you create a content plan that saves hundreds of hours?

We've been creating content for social networks for over a decade. Also, we have always looked for ways to be more effective in all our endeavors. It has managed to try different strategies for designing our own production methods.

The key is to create content in an efficient way, knowing that the key can reuse it in a different way and invest our time wisely.

Trick # 1. Choose your preferred social network

Forget about paying equal attention to all your social networks. You have to choose which one you like. This will allow you to focus better on the content you create. Dedicate more hours to them, analyze the results, and blast your decisions to other networks.

Trick # 2. Reuse your content

Each social network is unique and so we need to create specific content for each. But we need to learn to reuse the videos and photos we create.
 If you want to promote a video uploaded to your YouTube channel, take advantage of the thumbnails you create. Or create a teaser by reusing the first 30 seconds of the video and redirecting to YouTube to finish watching it. Time takes less time and your community thanks you.

Trick # 3. Change the context of your photos and videos 

Another way to intelligently reuse the content we create for our social networks is to change their context. The important thing here is that you choose to take advantage of the content that works best for your visitors. What once went viral will again work in a different context.

Trick # 4. Create your own templates for social networks 

It is always effective to use templates to save time.
Here we suggest you create your own so that you stand out from your competitors. If you use the same template as others, you will confuse your audience (they don’t know they are). Believe me, this is the initial investment of time which will be suitable for it.
 Convert the type of structure or content you are repeating to the tables. And always keep them on hand as it will cost less to write your text or design your images.

Trick # 5. Create content in blocks 

Finally, we leave our favorite tip: create your content in blocks.
At our suggestion, we usually meet with people who improve the content uploaded to their social networks. As a result, they are pending every day. So one of our first hints is usually this strategy.
It saves a morning or an afternoon to create a variety of similar content such as videos on our YouTube channel. So, we accept the fact that we have to record the camera, illuminate the set, and keep the content for several days.
It also works when taking photos on Instagram and scheduling all the content together. You will focus on this work and make your time better.
And now tell us, what are your tips to save time when creating content for your social networks!

We close this set of tips and tricks by reminding you of a few. Eight out of 10 people will see your title but two out of 10 will stop reading your post. Do you understand the importance of millimeter accuracy in social media strategies?

Isabelle Evans