Best Strategies

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram

Best Strategies How To Increase Engagement On Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most used platforms by companies. Most companies are using this media to increase their marketing and quality. So they raise their awareness among the people and encourage them to buy products or services. Thanks also to the Instagram shopping function for creating new sections of the business.

But, with the involvement of the public, the development of Instagram profiles goes hand in hand. The more users are involved, the higher the engagement rate, the more likely the responses are to be converted into actions, i.e. purchases.

For this reason, every company must know all the strategies to improve their business profile engagement on Instagram. It can be a more powerful tool than other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Increase Instagram engagement: what strategies to adopt

Instagram has some fun algorithms whose arguments we can only partially understand.

What we can say with a good level of confidence is that Instagram rewards regular strategic actions and natural interactions between users. As proof of this, the platform has heavily penalized profiles with fake followers and manipulated through the use of bots.

But, Instagram is as easy to use as it is complex in terms of increasing the number of followers and, more importantly, increasing engagement. However, there are strategies that are consistent with each other and applied regularly, giving great results. Let’s see what they are instant.

The care of the gallery

Instagram is an authentic social conception, so your first attempt should be to take care of the gallery.

First, define an editorial plan and calendar. Yes, activities on Instagram should be planned like any other social network.

For example, you can choose to publish black and white images or photos that have always been edited with the same filter. You can choose to create color contrasts.

In reality, the subjects have an aesthetic resemblance to the subjects. This requires an editorial plan: to determine which areas you want to visit and which ones you want to interact with.

For example, if your company produces leather bags, your gallery must show products made. It doesn't make sense to publish a picture of a recipe, does it?

Through your image gallery, you need to show who you are and what you are doing in the clearest and most beautiful way.

This means you must be very careful when it comes to photo editing. There are many applications that allow you to improve image quality in a few steps. you can try Snapseed, Pixlr, Adobe Photoshop Express, Lightroom, and others. They all are some of the most used.

Second, every published post must be guided by a winning description, relevant hashtags, and geolocation.

Although many have argued that no one reads the caption, we ourselves cannot partially agree. It is true that a significant portion of the user responds attentively to posts with general preferences. Most of the users and moderators know and believe that.  The other section reads more attentive, voluntary, fun, useful descriptions.

In the description, you have the option of asking questions to the audience and telling stories (yours, first of all), then start the discussion in the post. Remember that editing captions are also very important. Don't create blocks of text, but space the lines and use emojis to make the description more readable.

Finally, use geolocation to increase the chances of your content being allocated by searching for locations.

The constant use of the Stories

We talked about the potential in Instagram Stories in a previous article. At the moment, suffice it to say that the possibility would not be too smart to use. Despite the fact that the stories are mostly 24-hour enduring content, Instagram users appreciate them a lot.

The most appropriate functions for encouraging a conversation may include quizzes, countdowns (related, for example, launching new products, offers, discounts, and more), invitations to answer questions, mentioning industry influencers, and announcing a competition.

Stories also need to be planned, so don’t fall into the temptation to create random for a while and then complain about ineffectiveness. They must have a consistent and fixed "appointment" with the public in order to have good coverage and consequently visibility.
InShot is a valid video editing application to publish in Stories.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels published by the platform are new features. Born to allow all users to publish clips, it's a tool that gives you a huge thank you from viewers.

Being innovative in all respects, it is a function that needs to be tested. It's worth a try: study it and try to engage your audience with music videos. These can be used to showcase your business background, product, destination, and/or travel experience.

The analysis of statistical data to analyze the engagement

It must be clear to you that there is no serious use of social networks to do business without analyzing statistical information.

Remember that statistics are only what gives you an accurate idea of ​​the actual effectiveness of your profile. But most importantly, they can tell you a lot more about public preferences and behavior.

Once you've collected a significant amount of data, look for the best days and times to post and the most successful content. Once this is done, optimize your communication strategy to further increase the engagement rate of your posts, stories, and reels.

Interaction with the public

Remember that one of the best ways to entice your audience to interact with you is to be participatory as well.

This means that you have to keep an eye on influencers of all levels and respond to the comments that people leave on your post.  We mean influencers as macro, micro, and nano in your field.  Try to give space to mentions and repost (without abusing user-generated content).

In short, it feeds the exchange of all its forms with questions, stories, thanks, and more

Finally, do not give in to the temptation of automation. Give up the idea of ​​making your life easier by bots or growing followers by following annoying follow/follow strategies.

By creating your Instagram profile you create a community of real, interested, and active people. If they are completely passive (and thus not bought) then there is no point in gathering followers.

But if you want to use Instagram for the best use of your marketing and branding you can apply influencer marketing easily. Because Instagram influencers are the prime leader of this platform and it's growing rapidly. From fashion to tech everywhere you will get influencers. They all may not be mega or celebrity influencers but nano or micro-influencers also can do your work. All you need to state in the analysis is how you want to apply your strategies. You can make your communication with the targeted audience through these influencers. Finding the best influencers and applying the best content through them is the major part. If you can not find your own way you can take opinions from the best influencer marketing agency near you. You can make the best outcome from influencer marketing if you can apply it from a suitable Instagram influencer. It can increase your sales and brand value equally.  

Instagram is not a trivial social network, so you need to work hard and be patient to increase your engagement. But then the results come. Make your own decision and try to move a solid step to promote your brand through a powerful strategy like Instagram influencer marketing. You can win your own industry with it through this big social media network Instagram.

Isabelle Evans