Best Marketing Forms

Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing?

Best Marketing Forms: Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing

Network marketing is growing with an impressive marketing strategy. No one can develop his business without networking. Because communication is the only marketing method that can expand your brand. But affiliate marketing is also now a big marketing weapon. In digital marketing platforms, it can help one with the best sales growth. Now the question is an affiliate or network marketing which one better? 

Although affiliate marketing is one kind of network marketing thing, there is a difference.  The operation mode of traditional sales, affiliate marketing, and multi-level marketing is different. Here we will make it clear what these marketing forms can give you and what you can make with this application in your business. Let's start with the definition first:

Traditional sales:
Promote the company's products to earn commissions, as long as someone buys them, they can earn commissions.

Affiliate Marketing:
Promote any products with affiliate marketing to earn commissions. As long as someone purchases products through our exclusive link, they will earn commissions.

Network marketing:
Promote the company’s products to earn commissions, as long as someone buys them, you can earn commissions. Also, unlike the previous two, if your downline sells products, you can also get a certain percentage. The bonus, compared to the first two, is biased towards team battles.

That was the time when self-media was underdeveloped. To increase product exposure they need to maintain so many marketing issues. Manufacturers need to spend money on advertising at specific prompts. Such as TV, movies, print media, etc. to increase sales. But the construction cost of this national advertising platform is quite high, so most people cannot enter to earn a commission. So it relates to a large consortium.

At that time, some smart people used the expansion between people to sell. This derived sales model was network marketing as multi-level marketing.
With the evolution of the Internet, many online-based marketing strategies have emerged. As the media begins to spread, many can increase their influence through the Internet. In this way, marketing plans become like influencer marketing, social media marketing, YouTube video marketing. Also, other internet marketing plans start as so-called approved marketing.

Now product makers don’t have to spend huge ads on specific media exposures to boost sales. They may also choose to collaborate with online bloggers and YouTubers. They can apply their marketing tools more accurately for the most effective recruitment.

Multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing are relatively the same!

1. Affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing are essentially sales. And the revenue will be calculated based on the sales results.

2. Affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing operators are not responsible for product related production. But use their own influence to tell others to use the product only to achieve sales effect.

3. The user experience is very important for both of these marketing. Because when customers buy something through you, it's also because of their trust in you. If you buy one or two products and see that they are all mine, then you basically have no honesty and you can never buy the products offered.

4. All are considered passive income

The difference between the two

Affiliate Marketing:
Almost all approved channels can apply to those who fly from the sky to the ground. And there will be more products on this road in the future due to the development of self-media. You can find products familiar with your interests. To recommend, basically a personal battle.

Network Marketing:
The products sold are limited to the products of the company you have joined. Network marketing will use online and offline interpersonal relationships to develop an organizational network, which has multiple implications and involves organizational warfare.

Differences in the handling of interpersonal relationships

Affiliate marketing does not require contact with people. But, multi-level marketing requires after-sales service or contact with people in an organization. So if you don’t want to face the crowd, authorized marketing is a more appropriate way.

But, because multi-level marketing requires contact with people, it has the advantage that affiliate marketing does not have. It is through the way of mutual help between people to achieve the goal of multiplication, while also reducing the demand for personal abilities.

Polarity and Difficulty

Many affiliate marketers describe authorized marketing as very common. But, there are still some difficulties in becoming a neutral business. Just like anyone can be a YouTuber but there is no income.

The most important key to affiliate marketing is the need for a promotion platform.

Now, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, Youtube, anyone can build a platform, but it still needs high traffic to have an ideal income. To develop a high traffic platform, it takes time and strength to operate. Especially in the early stage, there is almost zero traffic, and you have to get through this section before you have a chance to succeed.

If you want to do affiliate marketing, it is recommended that the above four platforms, Blogger or Youtube need to operate at least one, there are two reasons:

1. Blogger and YouTube results can be collected. With Google search, searchers can find relevant information written a few years ago. Thus, the more information is collected, the more it is seen. Because FB and IG, databases will block Google search. So writing a few years ago is the equivalent of not writing anything.

2. People can use Google to search for keywords. They are in high demand and more likely to be customers.

To me, network marketing is also a kind of affiliate marketing. It just needs to negotiate with specific vendors to recommend their products.

Similarly, if someone uses the product because of my proposal, I can draw a certain percentage of the commission. But it’s an organizational battle because my downline sells the product, I can also draw a certain percentage of commission to expand the branch.


We think there are many similarities between affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing. The field of communication between the two crowds needs to be expanded, so both coexist without conflict.

Both are knives and guns to me. No one bets that you can just choose a weapon. Both weapons have their advantages and disadvantages.

Affiliate marketing is like having a robot employee who does not need to rest, works 24 hours a day, and works 365 days a year. As long as we build this employee well enough, it can be a super warrior worth one hundred.

Multi-level marketing is similar to ant heroes. Although a single combat power is not as good as a robot that does not need to rest when the organization network is established, the use of human tactics will not necessarily lose the super warrior. It can even turn ants into locusts through strong marketing training.  I think it’s a very interesting role in a marketing strategy game.

Stella Palmer