Beginners Guide to Start

Social Media Marketing Online

Beginners Guide to start Social Media Marketing Online

Today no one can think of business growth without social media marketing online. And this online marketing is much effective through social platforms.  If you own a small business, can you imagine how a beginner can begin to develop and apply a social strategy? It is much difficult to set a professional marketing strategy over social media. But today we are here to let you know about beginners’ guide on social media marketing strategy online. With this guide, you can raise your business marketing plans to start on social media and make your online business grow.  Here is one step with common questions and easy answers. These can guide an apprentice before adopting a social media marketing strategy. But before we start, let's take a look at the definition of social media marketing strategy again.

What is a social media marketing strategy?

To help startup, there are five essential pillars to consider when creating your social media strategy:

  • Objectives: define the results of your efforts and how you will measure them.
  • Target audience: research and create a profile of your ideal client.
  • Content Mix: Create a social media schedule based on recurring content archetypes.
  • Channels: choose the best of the social networks available to which you want to spend your time and what you will use them for.
  • Process: configure the infrastructure and tools to execute your strategy efficiently.

This is not a recipe for success on social media, just a framework for laying the foundation. At the end of this guide, hopefully, you will be better equipped with how to combine all these considerations. And how to make wise decisions with each other and review your social media strategy over time. Here we present you the beginner’s steps:

Step 1. The why

Why are you going to start on social networks? What is the purpose of business access to your SME or social media? If you just want to sign up for ads and sell by sending a message in a directional way, we advise you not to start now. Because of social media, it does not work like this. Social networks are a conversation. Customers want to talk, comment, tell, and advise the business or brand if the experience is not so good or if they have a good experience or have a complaint about a product or service.

So before you start, be clear about your goals and objectives on social media. Are you there to hold and talk to existing customers? Or why build your brand reputation? Or to find new customers and improve sales? Each of these purposes includes the way your business behaves on social media and the networks in which you participate.

Important: Make a list of the main reasons why you want to get started on social networks. Be specific about the results you will achieve (clear objectives: quantity and goals).

Step 2. The Plan and other marketing aspects

If you are going to create an online plan, think about how social networks will be integrated into the company's general digital marketing plan. Remember that social media is not an important part of your strategy today. Are you going to sell through social media? Would you use Twitter to make offers? How do you check these efforts online and offline?

Important : If the customer service team or sales team is affected by the new social tools, take the time to talk to them. Integrate and make sure everyone is on the same path of internal and external communication.

Step 3 . Communication: define the voice

How will your brand be presented online and who will be responsible for communication? A director of the company, the owner of the company, an employee? External advisor? Many companies maintain a presence with multiple employees who can share responsibilities. You have to define your brand value on social network platforms. No matter who will do but have to do. Because without your own defined value nobody will make your presence important. So try to define your business and services from yourself first.  

Important: It will take an investment of knowledge, time and money to brainstorm with your marketing advisors about how your company will be presented, how it will communicate and who will manage it.

Step 4 . Defining the customer

Who is your target audience? Where is it located? Sex and what age? Where do you live?
You can meet your customers in your physical store or business. But online, you should research where your customers and potential customers spend time. This involves doing a little research and listening online. If you are a local business, Facebook may have more impact than LinkedIn, for example.

Social media is global. Are you going to talk to everyone or are you just focusing on your local customer base? Spend time determining your approach strategy towards your social media audience.

Important: Who are they? Where are they? And other data about your audience and will help you create your most effective strategy and better segment your customers.

Step 5. Analyze and measure everything

How will success on social media be measured? Some measures based on some sales. For others, it’s building a brand, satisfying customer treat, generating questions, or getting names on email lists.

All these results are valid, make sure you know what you want to do before you start, so you can plan, measure, and know if your efforts are successful.

Important: Choose a few metrics and set up an easy way to follow and analyze them, even if it’s a spreadsheet that shows the growth of fans over time. Whether the investment spent during the analysis and measurement will be profitable, will be shown in the medium term.

We hope this contribution helps beginners in social networking decide to start more cleanly and in a planned way. It can ensure the success of your business at a reasonable time. Also, you can make your marketing thoughts better with different campaigns like Influencer Marketing and many more. 

If you liked the article, please share it! Need more ideas on marketing or other social networking issues? Contact us or comment below. We are always open to discuss your ideas for the best results in the marketing field. Stay updated and keep networking with different platforms. 

Isabelle Evans