6 Quick Social Media Tips and Tricks

That Actually Work

 6 Quick Social Media Tips and Tricks That Actually Work

The social media boom has introduced companies to compete not to lose appearances on networks. They are more interested to apply social media tips to their marketing strategies. The annoyance of brands on social networks continues to grow and the activity we find is the most different. On the positive side, those who add value to their publications do a great job. But, those who do not provide content, social networks act as a stable and empty expansion of content on the corporate website.

The professionals in the position of online marketing are now much responsible for effective results. Because today we all depend on the digital platform to explore their services to the whole world. So why not we apply our marketing plans through social media and networks. There are so many organizations that are now increasing and creating the field for this digital marketing. And in this sector, social networking and media marketing is getting many strong responses. They are raising different online marketing strategies like influencer marketing, celebrity marketing, and so on. Why are they interested in these, only because of benefits? No, it’s all about making the development of business and brands. One can easily grow with digital marketing and social media. And the result can measure the online acceptance of the services. It is relatively easy to know at a glance if there is a real professional behind social network marketing.

Such problems occur in small companies that do not pay attention to digital parcels. And that one day they target themselves for the need of online presence and location for some reason or another. But where and how to start?

We are going to offer you 6 tips to start having a presence and publish on social networks. Also, all these tips are applicable to brands with little experience in social media. Hope these social network tips can help your plans on different social media and works perfectly. 


Who do we want to contact? Just our customers? Who are our prospects? If we want to start the house with the foundation, we must first know who our clients are and how and with whom we want to communicate. And with whom we want to establish a two-way and trusting relationship. This the initial social media tips that you should learn about. ,
A Buyer Persona is a fictional representation of our current and/or potential clients. Thanks to this, we will get clients or clients prototypes, which will help them decide on the companies they will use, their interesting content, their location. In this link, you will learn how to develop your buyer's personality


Basically it is a marketing plan for social networks and it will be the key to acting on the various social networks. Any marketing tactics ( Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, or others) you need to set a plan.

To set strategies, policies, and approaches for your achievement, to set the KPI (Key Performance Index) for a full-time budget, you must include a study of social media and competitor presence (we will work on this at the last point) ... Whether you are a marketing manager or an agent, you will outline in this document the basic lines of how to behave the whole time. It should be seen as a document open to change.


If there is no community, who will we give content to? You should set your own goal The first goal is to create a community on different social media. Build a strong and reliable relationship with its members. Without it, you have no one to deliver the content to.

Creating a community does not mean creating a group of silent followers, but rather the existence of a relationship with this group. A relationship in which members give their opinions about our content, contribute, create controversy, participate in our competitions, respond to our surveys, grow ..; Community interaction is involved.

Choose the channels you want to present very well. Consider the contributions you need to those networks, not just your customers.

The building community is no quick task overnight. The first reason for the growth is the contribution of real quality content, followed by the ability of the marketing manager to achieve feedback and engagement.

Investing in advertising is an alternative to rapid community growth. We advise against buying followers, as this measure will reduce your budget without any profit or result.

Each social network has its style and rules. Stick to them.


 "Preparation is the key to success." Thus, you must make a content strategy for each social media. Set out in this document "what" you are going to publish "when" and "where", on which social network. Remember that not all social networks have the same functioning, nor is the communication style the same. You can post ten times a day on Twitter, but no more than two or three times on your Facebook Fan Page.

Always offer content of value to your community, of interest, and appropriate. This will be related to your interests. Never copy the content, use quality images, use publications that help humanize your brand. Use a variety of formats (image, videos, infographics, podcasts), invite them to interact. Content-based social media tips are important for growing your business with a better impression. 

Remember that there are free tools to program content and monitor different social networks, such as Hootsuite, buffer, metrical ...

Use your presence on networks and published content as a way to reinforce your brand image, by using the corporate elements of your brand manual.

Some Tips to encourage participation

  • Remember not to always talk about your brand, much less use social media as a sales channel.
  •  Use Hashtags.
  •  Ask your followers questions, this way you invite interaction.
  •  Create surveys and contests.
  •  Talk about hot topics related to your sector.
  •  Respond quickly.


Metrics and statistical analysis let you know how your social networks evolve, which topics have the most interactions, and which ones have the shortest time, the best time to publish ... If we are moving in the right direction, then we are moving in the right direction, which is going to be the real factor in matrix verification.

All social networks are going to give you their metrics. Proper analysis and interpretation will help them determine the way forward. And it will help us decide on the type of content we create. It affects them and works best by deleting or downplaying what they don’t give.

It sets KPIs or milestones across the entire horizon that lets you determine how results are being achieved. At the same time serve to make the right decision in case of deviating from our budget. KPIs can be fan numbers, likes, retweets, and new posts.


To learn from traditionally referred to as a benchmark. It is important to know what they offer, how they communicate, and what kind of activities they conduct. You have free tools to study the content with your competitors, their followers, and work with the data level to engage with ambassadors.

In summary, use social media to communicate (not to sell) offering content that generates interest, interaction, and makes your community grow in a sustained way. You can use different marketing strategies over social media marketing like Influencer marketing. But with these social media tips, you can concentrate on your plans that you may be thinking of applying on the networks. Do you think we have forgotten an important point? Leave us a comment.

Stella Palmer