6 Importance of

Social Network Marketing

6 Importance of Social Network Marketing

Many companies in the world already understand the importance of Social Network Marketing. At Jocial there are more than 20 thousand clients who are investing resources on the internet and reaping good results from this investment.

We already know some of the objectives to which marketing is directed are. The generation of potential customers, increase sales, build customer loyalty, and business growth. And in this, Social Media is not "something" detached. It is hoped that it will help achieve all these goals. Thus, what better than to highlight some tips and vital aspects that you can take into account when giving way to the adventure of the media and social networks. 

We are going to show the 6 points that prove the value and importance of Social Network Marketing.

1. Guarantees a strong internet presence

When you have a problem or a question, what do you do?

If the answer is: I Google it, you have to know that you are not the only one.

Google is the largest online search engine in the world. A good investment in social network marketing is one that can contribute to your organization’s results. Also, it can make available and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Not when someone searches for your company's proposed solution, but when someone searches for your company name.

Have you ever been frustrated with finding and not finding any company on Google or Facebook?

Having a digital presence today is essential. And if the client searches for your company name and can't find it on the Internet, chances are they won't contact you.

Of course, digital presence is beyond search methods and social networks. A website with your own domain is the minimum requirement for a good digital presence of your organization.

2. Build a qualified audience

How do you relate to your audience today? Do you know who your customers are? The using habits that they have? Their behaviors? Your professions?

Another important aspect of social media marketing for companies is being able to create an audience. A community that really wants to use your product/solution and is related to loyalty to that company.

Social network marketing has the potential to attract people who are really interested and fit into your product/solution.

Also to these, you can organize those contacts, be it through registered emails, subscribers of any newsletter, or even Facebook fans. Over time, those audiences will become a fundamental asset for the organization.

3. Talk to the right audience at the right time

Social media marketing has the potential to go further. And it has the opportunity to communicate at the right time, not just to create the right audience.

Unlike offline marketing, it is impossible to be specific about which audience you are talking to, digital marketing gives you the possibility of a more accurate level of segmentation of your audience.

It is also possible to create multiple audience and category contacts for each type of audience. User activities and profiles have become easier with the tools available in the market.

So, it is possible to specify the people for whom you want to advertise a product, service, or content. This allows you to personalize your activities and marketing campaigns much more.

4. Get ahead of the competition

Many companies in the world still do not invest in social network marketing. So if you start investing today, you are going to differentiate yourself from a good part of your competitors.

We already spoke here on the blog, in article Reasons of why you should learn Digital Marketing. So that you can know why this is the best option for companies that need growth.

Your organization can differentiate itself from the competition by creating good content that helps clients identify and solve their problems.

5. Low investment to start

We are not trying to say that Social Network Marketing is free. It is not. But with the tools that are currently available, high segmentation capabilities, and various website optimization strategies for search engines, investing in social network marketing has become much cheaper than investing in conventional media.

Over time the price for offline marketing was too high. Expenditure on television, radio, newspapers, and spectacles is very high. This is a high investment from which most companies, with basically low turnover, get no return.

Social Network Marketing, if it requires minimal investment, can be much cheaper than offline marketing. It is not surprising that online marketing strategies also occupy a large part of the marketing strategies of companies.

6. Analyze results accurately

As we say here above, Social Network Marketing allows you to determine with much more precision who is its audience and what are the tastes and preferences.

In the same way, it is possible to go with the same precision as the results of any Social Network Marketing action.

We are going to use it as an example of a plan and an Influencer Marketing campaign.

In the first case, you know how many times you promoted the campaigns. But you cannot know exactly how many were delivered, how many were read, and how many contents are generated sales for your company.

In the second case, you get exact access to how many people view the content, how many made a link, and even how many people made a purchase through that campaign.

The example is not limited to that type of campaign. It is possible to monitor with extreme precision the behavior of users on your website. Or the performance of ads on Google, the results of a publication on social networks, the reference path of the user to become a customer, and much more.

In this aspect, web analytics tools help a lot in measuring the smallest details of the results of Digital Marketing strategies.


Now that you know what the importance of Social Network Marketing is and how it can help you in the growth of your business, it is time to put it into practice.

Here at Jocial we have a lot of programs that can help you succeed on the internet, besides this blog, of course.

If you are still in the beginning and need to take the first steps, the best reading is our Digital Marketing beginner’s guide, it is available here to learn it.

The article is a collection of proper study that teaches you the essentials of digital marketing. By following the post suggested order, you will understand the general concepts of that strategy and be ready to apply them with your business starting with the results analysis plan.
Read it carefully and we hope you will benefit.

Stella Palmer