5 Types Of Digital Influencers

Which One Is Most Suitable For Your Activity?

5 Types Of Digital Influencers: Which One Is Most Suitable For Your Activity?

Influencer Marketing is no longer a novelty in the corporate world. Major brands have been able to promote their products and services through relationships with digital influencers. However, it needs to be understood that the main driver of this strategy is not a homogeneous division.

With a vast universe of influencers, you should simultaneously focus on these changes to develop actions that are consistent with the objectives and influencer profiles of the organizations.

But first, we want to start with the exact definition of influencer in today’s digital world. Influencers are more popular for business marketing and advertising, they are now a digital concept.

What is influencer marketing?

Have you ever imagined finding someone who has everything to do with your brand values, who takes advantage of your organization's services or products, and inspires others to do the same? Yes, it is possible through influencer marketing.

Several companies of different sizes and market segments are currently working with influencers. So that they can expand their network of followers, reach their audiences more easily and gain more recognition both online and offline.

The main goal of this strategy is to rely on the partnership and collaboration of content producers, also known as their influencers or digital influencers, to promote their services or products and get closer to their potential customers.

What is an Influencer?

So what do you mean by an influencer? It could be a celebrity or a general public follow-up that could inspire people to follow. Following him here does not mean following in his footsteps but his digital presence and style. Influential is the person who does not want to push people in the direction he wants to push them, naturally. For example, a YouTuber, which has millions of subscribers, can easily push a tradition through videos. A Twitter influencer can express many attractions through his tweets. Like Alan Kastur, although he is the head of the business, in part he is an influential person. Influencers can affect you.

They have a community with which they can describe a trend. So traders and marketers are now trying to make a deal with influencer marketing. They had to make a solid plan for marketing, starting with effective selection. Before promoting, a business needs to choose an influencer first. Here we will discuss the types of influencers currently present. You can choose from the categories in consultation with your marketing management. But you should know about the first one.

Types of Digital Influencers according to content


We can divide into two types of people: those who grew up on the internet, such as PewDiePie, a YouTuber who is currently working with his own channel; or artists who first gained fame on TV, in music, in sports, among others. They have a huge audience regardless of the content they deliver. The big step here is to make your brand or product a regular part of that influencer. After all, their followers want to see the daily life and personal life of these celebrities.


These influencers have skills in a specific subject and use them to create content on their social networks. They are very knowledgeable about what they are addressing, so followers trust their opinions even more. A classic example that we can give on this topic is J. K. Rowling.


Known for top-notch causes and debates, this influencer always offers a defensive attitude as well as an attitude of change and reflection with a particular theme. The difference between him and the "authority" is the partnership. It only links to brands whose values ​​are the same as yours. Thus, they are a great alternative to institutional activities, so that organizations want to strengthen or highlight their position. Another important issue, in this case, is their respect for the people.

Local Influencers

They will talk to the audience from a specific place. Although there are regional limitations to get there, his followers rely on his nomination. This is the case of Irina Zakharova (@izakh_) and Kiara (@kiarunia), who bring local content. If you already have a business in a certain city or are going to open a franchise/company, for example, it is a great option.


An influential group of a particular niche, who are more relevant when united in the same action. If you want to highlight a product or theme, you should combine small influencers to solve this problem. For example, manufacturers talk about hamburgers, confectionery, sewing, or cleaning. Together, they bring more engagement and visibility to your campaign. The audience is low but the relevance is high.

Classification of Digital Influencers according to the number of followers

Nano Influencers

Who they are? Although not reaching a large number of people, the busyness is high, because they talk to a certain niche. As a result, they have more resources when talking about the issues they address, and they are more natural when talking to followers.

When to use? A campaign strategy that brings together a group of different influencers to reach a wider audience. If you work with brands as well as very specific products and services targeting a segmented audience, these are also worth using.

Example: perfume reviewer Fragranti, who has 4,450 subscribers on his YouTube channel and just over 1,100 followers on Instagram, channels where he talks only about perfumes.


Who are? Well connected to their audience, these influencers bring together a very interested audience in their content. They always try to monetize their work and rent is more expensive than nano influencers.

When to use? The proposal is the same as before, but with a wider audience. These are managed in brands that attract potential customers as well as find more engagement with their target audience. A study conducted by experts noted that this type of content has 22.2 times more conversions in the case of macro-influencers.

Example:  Jacob Tru was one of the influencers chosen for a micro-influencer campaign. The influencer reaches solid audiences through the campaigns run by the brand.


Who are? As per their name, they are the smallest and largest in terms of the number of followers. They are able to reach a much larger number of people with better engagement rates.

When to use? If the goal is to promote something to an audience that involves a lot of people, then they are ideal. They manage by mixing professionalism, reliability, and a high number of views.

Macro Influencers

Who are? These usually address specific topics but are of interest to a large number of people such as beauty, gastronomy, lifestyle, travel, sports, and health. The topics are similar to each other, which attracts different audiences but with general interest.

When to use? For wide publicity, it reaches many people at once. The content produced by this influencer has a strong potential to increase a brand’s exposure and with it its repetition.

 Example:  Amy Jackson/Fashion Jackson.

Mega Influencers

Who are? Profiles used for large-size publishing. However, at the same time, they send information to a huge number of people, with less engagement and more value. Therefore, they must be selected carefully. It is important to have the help of an agency like Jocial in this process.

When to use? New products or services that many people need to know. These are great for promoting big events, promotions, and easy-to-find products (for example, available for purchase at many points of sale).

Example: the influencer Melissa Mui, who produces various content focused on foods, was chosen by Lesua for the campaign to launch their product line.

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