5 Key Email Marketing

Strategies That Maximize Your ROI

5 Key Email Marketing Strategies That Maximize Your ROI

Email marketing involves sending bulk emails to a target database. This digital marketing practice is a “must-do” for businesses. It is actually used as a low-cost marketing communication act to present or promote a product/service. In other words, the purposes of emailing can be communicative and/or commercial.

Emailing is one of the most successful direct marketing methods. But for your email promotion to be successful, the delivery rate and opening rate must be optimal.

If you've been thinking about how to optimize your email promotions with just a few clicks, you've come to the right place. In this guide, you will find the ingredients you need to consider when starting an email campaign.

Email plays an important role in digital marketing strategy. Discover 5 key strategies for successful email marketing, used by the most famous brands in the world.

The last 3 years have shown that email still plays a relevant role in digital marketing strategies. Email marketing has already been shown to achieve higher ROI levels than other channels. This is reported by the impressive statistics of World Financial Insights 2019.

  • The 77% of customers prefer to receive promotions based on news channel;
  • Only 6% of customers prefer these messages via social media;
  • 3000% ROI achieved via email in 2019.

Perhaps the use of email marketing is expected to increase further in the coming years! In this post, we will show you 5 successful strategies for email marketing that are used by the most famous brands in the world.

5 Key Tips That Maximize Your Email Campaigns

1. Realize the importance of good contacts

Effects of using old contacts or low contacts that are not included in your mailing list should always be considered marketing-oriented. Some may be able to check the sender and have the ability to block IP with ISP. So be sure to protect your reputation and be careful when choosing your contacts.

Consider doing a check-up on the health of your mailing list from time to time. Increase your contacts organically, facilitate the registration process for your newsletter, encourage email registration and create lead generation campaigns. By practicing this type of business you will be on the right path to maintaining a positive sender reputation.

How to build effective lists

Think about organizing the tables for your birthday party.

The guests are all there for you, but will you ever sit at the same table with your classmates as your annoying and conservative uncles?

Maybe the teacher will enjoy it a little upset but are you sure your uncle will feel comfortable? What will be their opinion at the end of the evening?

Well, think about email segmentation the same way. All your followers follow you because they like what you have to say, what stands up for you, and what your goals are. However, some of your content may be more relevant to others than others. Take a look at your email list and divide it into smaller sections so you can better meet the specific needs of all your customers.

That said, as they say, "the too crippled".

Don't use email segmentation to modulate your message based on the things people prefer to hear. 

You always have to make sure you show your true self. Personalize your emails, not your values

2. Optimize for mobile

Due to the increasing amount of time spent online on mobile devices, smartphone optimization is an essential element of your email marketing strategy. You should focus on mobile optimization to stand out from the crowd. Hit your recipients with personalized content in the right place at the right time. This is the difference!

Pay attention to metrics such as open rate and CTR, click-through rate to evaluate the success of your email. With a reliable CRM, you can view campaign reports that provide key metrics. If your email was sent to a group of prospects, see who opened and clicked on your links (or who did it multiple times). This may indicate that these people are particularly interested in your message and maybe hot leads - contacts with whom you have great opportunities to interact further. Also, try to use Google URL builder to insert trackable links within your email. With this process, you can view all your clicks and conversions easily with Google Analytics.

Customers transacting on mobile have grown rapidly from 52% in 2016 to 72% in 2020. However, it is important that you do not completely forget about your desktop users. Google Analytics can help in this case!

Make sure your emails work best in both mobile and desktop technology to keep everyone happy. If your budget allows it, you can use responsive design templates, otherwise, follow these three steps:

  • Make sure the width is 300 - 400px
  • Make the text larger so that it is easily readable, e.g. min 12px Arial
  • Reduce the smaller images in the weight of the file, so as not to burden the download of the email.

3. Measure success - long-term and short-term goals

Creating amazing email marketing campaigns is always easy, but how do you measure success? Short-term goals such as clicks, open rates, open and conversions are the main focus. But keep in mind that don’t ignore long-term goals like lifetime value, engagement, referrals, and the virality of your promotion.

4. Merge online and offline channels

Online and offline channels should be like two brothers. So consider using them as complements to each other without considering them separately. Digital accounts account for 30% of the Financial Times' total turnover, so it's increasingly important for companies to make sure their online and offline channels are always parallel.

A great example of the integration of two retail channels. If you’re a salesperson, why not consider the lead generation action of your physical store? Customer Purchase History can be used to personalize your email marketing promotions!

5. Integrate email and social media

The integration of email and social media is becoming increasingly important and easily achievable for digital marketing strategies. Embrace social media and seize the opportunity to be creative. Not only do you add social sharing buttons to your email, but recipients are also less likely to share your entire newsletter. Instead, recipients can choose what to share on their network by selecting individual sharing and social sharing links in the content.

When your contacts sign up for your newsletter, they focus on your brand. Send instant welcome emails and take advantage of them by suggesting you get to see your brand once on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest. Recipients are more likely to make this call effective if your brand is innovative

Social media can also be used as a real acquisition tool for your potential customers - why not design a Facebook subscription form that adds data directly to the newsletter list and triggers the welcome email directly?


Setting up an emailing campaign may seem trivial. However, as you can understand, some seemingly trivial details can quickly compromise your promotion and thus the effectiveness of your business.

Emailing is a great way to build trust between your audience and your brand. Do not neglect this accessible and highly profitable tool.

Your customers want to keep in touch with you. When you think of an email marketing strategy you need to be able to provide something valuable to your leadership because your contacts will easily follow your newsletters without making a real qualitative contribution.

How did you set up your email marketing strategy? Have you already adopted these 5 tips to maximize the ROI of your campaigns? Our digital marketing agency is specialized in customer acquisition and perfectly masters the tools for creating e-mailing campaigns and automating email scenarios. Do you want to know more about the strategies adopted in your industry? Contact us now!  

Isabelle Evans