5 Influencer Marketing Lessons

To Build A Powerful Strategy

5 Influencer Marketing Lessons To Build A Powerful Strategy

It’s true that influencers are increasingly encouraging marketing and communications professionals. Basically for they see it as the ideal lever to give credibility and spread their message to their customers. But what real benefits should they expect from effective marketing? Which place should it occupy in the marketing mix? No mistakes should be made and what best practices can we draw from the companies that have successfully implemented it?

There are so many digital tactics now available to experts. But all of them are not very effective for all types of business strategies. But influencer marketing can give the best advantage for all kinds of business branding. Also one can promote their product or service if they want to make use of these marketing tips. Today we are here to teach you some best things about influencers. So that you can apply the best marketing plans with these popular business features.

Influencer Marketing as a tool of trust

As a brand, how can we help customers with the complex stages of discovery and evaluation before they buy their products? Could a sponsored tweet have more impact than a corporate blog post or a mention of an influential person on their Twitter account? According to experts, the distinction between proprietary paid and earned media presents a false debate today. And any strategy that works effectively requires a combination of these three concepts.

For example, in social advertising, we can achieve very precise goals in terms of the socioeconomic aspects. Or we can make it through the own areas of interest of the customers that we want to achieve.

The production of value-added content by the company's own marketing department can be a concept. Or even its employees or partners will allow the brand to use its products and services in an attractive and educational way for its future users. Finally, a review from a satisfied customer. Yes, this in exchange for a few purposes (advocacy marketing) will certainly encourage a customer to look for a reference.

If you can place these properly, you can be sure of the idea. These strategies can be ultimately effective in helping the customer in his purchasing activities. But, one of them is lacking. In all cases, the message has been transmitted by at least one source related to the brand (employees, partners, customers). The same message sent by an independent influencer (blogger, journalist, analyst ...) will carry much more credibility. And it will create more confidence for customers to look for a recommendation.

And as we mentioned, an influential person who has chosen his community (whatever his size) as an expert on his theme and who has developed friendships and credibility with his followers over time, will benefit from this community's unparalleled power over-prescription Members. Here is the full potential of influencer marketing.

Influence - a matter of context

The wise decision before implementing a marketing plan must be the best influential seller. It seems that identifying the right influencer is a big challenge for 61% of marketing experts. Also, it is said that communication professionals are sometimes confused about the selection. This information has been taken from various surveys online. In this practice, many brands made the mistake of choosing their influencers. Sometimes they select their influencer based on their popularity. Sometimes they make their choice through higher fan scores. Choosing an influencer is not so easy. You can give an influential person a subject. If the amount of affection he maintains with his community is at the core of an influential expert's skill then you have to measure other options. There are two features that will enable him to receive and relay famous speeches (famous "echoes") by his followers.

For a business, the relevance of an influencer to a brand depends entirely on its purpose and the context in which it is located. This context can also be determined by the type of product. Which is the powerful self, which is used to express the theme of interest to him or his geographical location.

Customize the approach

It's a decent thing to do, and it should end there. Recipe for sending a large amount of proportional content to influencers. Such as press releases, which no longer work. Influencers expect their conversations between brands and their presence. So that they can understand their context and personalize their approach. It helps them and you to grow your content quality and services to the audience.

How to do it? You need to be reminded of a key line to deal with the challenge. The importance of listening to influencers and getting to know them through any interaction. It is very possible to track the publications of targeted influencers through online tools. You can test it on a daily basis. And you may have profile information to answer any questions. For example: how did the influencer build his influence on a given subject? What were his speeches/publications on the subject in question? On which channel and which social platform is he the most active, and will thus be the ablest to interact? Questions that are crucial to answer before jumping into battle ...

Create value for the influencer

Many brands believed that free product delivery to influential people was enough. Also, some brands invite influential people to events to gain their influence. Even brands provide their economic remuneration. But the expectations of the influential are not the same. As the interest of the brand is different, so is the interest of the influential. Among influencers, 31% expect collaboration in their content creation process. And 28% of influential people claim ownership information. Ultimately, the influencer expects from the brand elements that will enhance its reputation as an influencer or as a long-term collaboration with its community.

In the case of hotel chains, we describe them here. There was an offer of free hotel nights to save their readers to reach 50 bloggers in the tourism sector. Bloggers have praised both hands. The brand has provided great tools to enlighten their influential blogs, increase their traffic, and strengthen their relationship with the community.

Measure the contribution of the influencer strategy

Strategies need to measure investment returns to influence brands by meeting the requirements of influencer marketing. What is the level of engagement of the brand with the influencer and what is the level of response of the influencer? What are the implications of influential measures to create business opportunities? Here are the questions that an effective marketing measurement system should answer.

For the road, a last little piece of advice on the basis we agree with this marketing strategy. You don’t have to start your strategy with hundreds or thousands of influencers. Start with a small group, personalize your approach, and increase your focus as you go. If you can start with an action plan you can achieve a growing result. All of the tactics depend on your decision making for your business. 

Isabelle Evans