5 Changes In Influencer Marketing Trends

During & After COVID-19

5 Changes In Influencer Marketing Trends During & After  COVID-19

No doubt, we are going to experience various changes in digital marketing after COVID-19. Also, it is as applicable for the Influencer Marketing trends.  It is clear that the only way for companies to continue working on their brand is to make some impressive plans. Like to communicate, to give visibility to their business, to generate leads, and, in most cases, to continue to increase their sales.

This new reality brings to our attention that we must be prepared for exceptional circumstances. And that digital environment allows us to move forward in different situations

So in no case can we think about the possibility of removing the digital marketing strategy of our companies, not even for more than 4 weeks and even less. Doing so means destroying everything you have digitally done as long as you work.

Also, if we adapt our strategy to increase customer loyalty and attract new prospects, we can earn it for life. These campuses focus on 5 changes to Influencer Marketing that we consider that are going to happen after this COVID-19 and some are already going on. You can consider these for digital marketing also according to this Covid-19 situation.

1. Contents that add value and engagement

Many of the content that companies have been creating since the company’s state of affairs began is to provide users with information; How to take a day off at the psychological level, online psychological therapy, financial advice to companies, online nutrition advice, latest research and analysis on coronavirus, etc.

During epidemic situations, so many companies are trying to provide supportive content to empower the customer. And this content could involve the public after Covid-19. Because they can be emotionally connected to brands and services.

Companies that have decided to take this direction in their strategies are achieving the following:

  • Promote branding.
  • Increase your visibility and position.
  • Reduce the impact of this crisis on your business.
  • Build solidarity, empathy, and commitment to society by showing exemplary corporate social responsibility.
  • Increase customer loyalty and capture other possibilities.

The marketing industry is not far behind. During this time they have become a sector where many have been able to provide solutions to the need for influencers. And they also know how to add some change to their marketing and digital communication strategies. In this way, they have shared webinars and downloadable documents where they explain how to increase the branding of their services and products. An example of this was the launch of the Influencer Marketing company JOCIAL a few weeks ago.

2. Increase Display Ads

Due to the need for information, ads in digital media offer us much more visibility than ever before. Undoubtedly this is due to the significant increase in internet searches. The use of this medium has increased by more than 119% in the last two months.

Although it suffered at the onset of the health crisis due to economic and labor uncertainty, the most interesting area of ​​research was retail.

But, there are still many questions about whether the Covid-19 campaign we are running at the moment will break the campaign, it is not proposed. In our view that campaigns should adapt to the current situation. In a situation where 31 million people are locked in their homes, connected, and constantly searching for issues. We must take advantage of the visibility that we can achieve from digital marketing tactics.

3. Generation of Leads, key in Influencer Marketing

In short, B2B companies base their lead capture strategy on event or site visits. It has been revisited since Covid-19 and focused on generational promotions.

To promote it, an unselected ally is the inbound marketing method. The leadership you get will be appropriate or simply accepted, you will take into account channels that you never thought would work in other situations.

A good database is one of the keys to making these campaigns truly successful. It is possible that an organization does not have an extensive database of its own or that it is not optimized or updated.

But, this will not be a problem as there are services today that have refined the perfect and modified databases for the sector you need.

For this type of promotion, working with CRM is ideal. It may seem a bit complicated, but in reality, it is nothing more. There are simple CRM solutions like HubSpot. It can allow us to add modules as we move forward in strategy complexity.

4. Develop more video content

Because of the epidemic, social distance and quarantine measures have changed the digital habits of most people. One of these is the increase in the use of streaming and video services. This is content using online audiovisual content, so changing the rules of the game for companies. Open up new ways to connect with your target audience.

One of these paths is broadcasting webinars and streaming videos. It is becoming an opportunity to connect with clients and prospects.

The goal is to keep the content interesting for the audience. It is widely used in the media and music industries. Thanks to some platforms that allow real-time broadcasting without major technical connections. Such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or Instagram Live Stories, Zoom, Teams, etc.

Just a few tips for taking advantage of discussions, concerts, branding performances, or webinars. But for the B2B sector, in the days of Covid-19, sessions with Influencers that answer questions about products and services, solutions to issues, among other things, gained a reputation.

5. Merge Social Networks, part of the digital marketing strategy

The exceptional situation that Covid-19 has created, we can establish that the behavior of online users can be divided into two parts. Search the source of entertainment first and then the updated truthful and useful information.

Thus, a good communication and management strategy needs to be considered in social networks closely associated with Influencer Marketing.

From our point of view, the new mantras that each company must take into account the management of their social networks are the following:

  • Listening to the community, mentions, and comment alerts will be our new best friends. Also to the work of the managers in our community, they are doing a complete follow-up of the conversations raised around them.
  • This is not the time to sell, at least not directly. When sharing content that helps our communities and puts them in a better place.
  • Customer service is our beacon. At this point, more doubts, questions arise and you also have to answer in less time. So strengthening customer service strategies must be incorporated into social networks.
  • Silence is not an ally. It gives a small picture of everything that happened with Covid-19 that failed to reveal or cancel the conversation with our community. Create content that helps your community. Make your Influencer Marketing strong with solid publications after this pandemic situation. So that it can help you expand your brands. 
  • Adaptability. This is already a norm in social networks. But now you need to be more vigilant than before and know how to respond in the best possible way in real-time.

An example we saw is that some online base company gives its members a pack of free products or services to buy and use at the beginning of captivity.

Other marketing agencies have enabled free online access to reduce monotony. Google even offers a 2-month subscription to its Google Analytics 360 (G-360) platform, where you can get marketing tools to do your marketing work.


Undoubtedly, Covid-19 and the epidemic quickly adapted to us. Thus it created a new way of maintaining activity. And it’s clear that the answer is now more in digital marketing than ever before where we have to invest and keep trying for a moment. Regardless of whether the situation we’re experiencing will be seasonal and decadent, we’re not sure about it.

At Jocial, we believe that adaptability is the best weapon to face adversity. That's why we're in the direction of your Influencer Marketing Strategy to help you adapt to your company's new objectives.

We will analyze how your organization can mitigate the outcomes of epidemics and help you look for opportunities. This is how our digital marketing plans are applied through different campaigns.

Isabelle Evans