15 Digital Marketing Strategies

To Implement In Your Business

15 Digital Marketing Strategies To Implement In Your Business

The idea of digital marketing is still confusing to some people. Many small business owners believe that this type of strategy is extremely complex. And it won’t bring results and doesn’t apply to very small firms.

As with all types of advertising, digital marketing can take some time to show results. However, this does not mean that your strategy will not work or that we are doing something wrong. 

Yet, if we really imagine that nothing really goes away, this type of advertising can quickly correct the direction of strategy adoption with very little time and limited resources.

To show that this is possible, we've created 15 common digital marketing strategies that you can apply to your business. For example, you can improve the indexing of your pages, the conversion and opening rate of traffic, and the email of your website in a very short time.

1. Do not display entire posts on the Homepage
Anyone who has accessed a page on your website wants to load it now, aren't you?

Views that take a long time to open pages tend to get lost because no one is willing to wait a few hours to see the web page.

So, you have a good digital marketing strategy that you can apply to your business and not display the whole post on your homepage. So, the page will load faster, the number of visits will increase!

When this type of content does not appear on the homepage, we are able to evaluate the right audience for each content available on our website. Don't run the risk of exposing duplicate content (which could harm our results in search engines).

Tip: If your blog or website automatically displays full posts, you can add "more" extensions to your publications to make pages more dynamic and engaging!

2. Use the most searched keywords on your website to write headlines
Another simple strategy you can use to write a title is to use the most searched keywords when users visit your website.

This strategy is helpful, as Google usually values ​​the phrase seen in the browser, also called Page title. 

3. Includes Calls-to-Action
Call-to-Action, or CTA, is a digital marketing strategy that can bring surprises to your business!

Because with this call-to-action you can guide the users of your website! CTA tells users what to do when they browse your website, where to go, and what to do next!

So, don’t miss the opportunity to take this great source! Include CTA in the points you get!

Tip: Some places that usually give good results are recently published content and materials available for download.

4. Use and abuse the power of images
Did you know that the popular saying “the image is worth a thousand words”?

Well, on the internet this phrase is not only correct, but it also has the price of gold !!!

So, don’t put any image when it comes to your writing image. Good quality, well-made, framed and produced, and basically, images related to the subject in question

But beware: the misuse of images on the internet can be easily identified and anyone who commits this crime can get a big headache (yes, it is a crime!).

Tip: To avoid this risk, choose to explore image banks! The budget has great free options for them.

5. Don't forget about the Alt attribute in the images
Both Google analyzes all the information available on a website. It includes not only text but also linked images.

So be sure to fill out the ALT feature whenever you include images in your publications!

This call sign does not allow Google to understand what the image is. But it acts as a caption whenever the image is not displayed (when the page has loading problems, for example).

Alt-featured and text-related images further enhance a page's position in Google rankings.

6. Includes links in the email signature
This is a very simple tip and does not require much knowledge in digital marketing.

Do you have your own email?

How about including links to your organization's blog or website in the final subscription?

Do you have a corporate network? Great! It also includes these links with them!

That way, the way you interact with them will enable them to get to know your channels and get closer to your organization more easily!

7. Puts sharing buttons for social networks
Social networking is a great tool for sharing content, not just for communication.

So, to take advantage of all this power, be sure to keep sharing buttons on your blog or website for your social networks!

These buttons can be easily installed on a few platforms like WordPress. All you have to do to install it is install the free plugin.

8. Pay attention to the posted content
You need to pay extra attention when publishing content, especially at the risk of having duplicate content on any of your pages.

Duplicate text or text that redirects you to two separate sites can damage your digital marketing strategy and penalize your website for its Google position.

Because, then, users will not know what the original content is and it is not good for anyone. It's not good for users, it's not good for Google, and as a result, it's not good for you!

9. Enjoy your content on Social Networks
Have you created great content or does your website already have a satisfying amount of content?

So, how can these elements be spread on your social networks through call-to-action?

This digital marketing strategy will not only help you get new visitors to the website. But it also lets people who don't really know your company knows more about the business through their old publications!

To take advantage of this possibility and lose published content, the idea is to create a form of control like Excel Sheet or Google Sheet for example.

10. Announces landing pages on Social Networks
Social networks are not just great tools for spreading content. They can help a lot to increase the number of leads!

To do this, promote call-to-actions by removing direct links to landing pages on straight networks.

This way, it is possible to increase the number of emails from contacts who are genuinely interested or potentially interested in your company and its products and/or services!

11. Boost your offers on Facebook
When we think of social networks, Facebook is undoubtedly very important (there are more than one billion people in the account).

But for those who are usual to social media advertising, Facebook can make their lives harder, as it restricts them from viewing certain publications.

Simply encourage publications to escape this trap. This way you will reach the number of people.

By encouraging a publication on Facebook, you can further refine your performance, create a publication with your own look, and reach specific target audiences by setting the right time to publish your post. 

12. Sends targeted emails
Some time ago, when thinking about email marketing, the idea that came to mind was that the more people received our message, the greater the chances of success. It doesn't matter if users are interested in the product, do they?

Nowadays, adopting such a strategy can be very risky, as policies to control unsolicited messages are more stringent and any organization whose message is published as spam loses a lot of position in the Google rankings.

So, in order not to be penalized, the mailboxes of people who are not interested in our products rarely get stuck, it is essential to categorize our emails.

It is always desirable to send messages to those who are genuinely interested in receiving our products or using our services.

These contacts can be obtained through landing pages. Earlier we called for leadership to take call-to-action.

13. Do you have an offer? Send an exclusive email about the subject
Some organizations publish newsletters with a variety of newsletters to save time and reach a large number of people.

If you have already done this or are thinking of adopting this type of strategy, reconsider now.

When you publish related content in a newsletter, such as new publications or downloadable materials, you may get lost in the middle of the different newsletter content.

To avoid this problem you should send an email to your customer base and invite contacts to make new content available.

This way, you will be able to understand that if you only communicate with people through the newsletter, the results will be more worrying.

14. Creates Influencer Marketing plan
As has already become clear throughout this text, influencers are an important tool for those who want to reach a very large number of people.

So, don't be afraid to create this kind of marketing strategy!

Create and distribute content through influencers for customers to communicate with your brand! This can be done through shortcuts or through live chats with marketers. For more influencer information contact an influencer marketing platform that can help you best. 

15. Try pop-ups to attract more people
You might think this tip is because many people choose pop-up blockers, right?

It is true that the ad is disliked by most users, but for example, when a differential offer is made to download interesting and unique content, the ad can turn into something that people also appreciate! 

So, how is the experiment?

Now it's time to put all these tips into practice and see the results! 

Stella Palmer