10 Most Common Mistakes

In Managing Social Networks

10 Most Common Mistakes In Managing Social Networks

We can all make mistakes unknowingly, such as adding salt instead of sugar or stirring with an iron spoon in a non-stick pan. We do this because we are sometimes disconnected. Others because we don’t know that it’s not like that. This often happens to those who are called upon to manage social networks.

In the beginning, we also made the mistake of managing corporate networks. Small things, isn't it? But it certainly doesn’t help the business grow and grow.

Let's see them together and try not to commit them anymore.

1. Invite all your friends to “Like” your page

This is often a mistake made on the pages of newly created companies and can still be followed. When friends “make up”, on the other hand, they don’t contribute to building a network of followers in line with business needs.

Who is your buyer? What are the psycho-demographic and behavioral characteristics of people interested in your brand?

You need an answer to this question: Create effective communication for this type of person and you will see that you have got the right results and followers.

2. Publish “cactus-like” posts, without an editorial plan

When you have too much desire or time in corporate social network management activities, you run the risk of publishing content without a guide for a specific purpose, as if it were not part of a broader marketing strategy on social media.

To achieve real results, you need to manage your social network by creating an editorial plan and programming content to create business opportunities and develop a community of people loyal to your brand.

And then review the result so that the implemented plan is correct or it needs to be converted or modified.

3. #Fill #the #caption #of #trains #of #hashtag

Hashtags are extremely useful for organizing your content: these are ad hoc keywords selected and designed for each post. The tendency to write endless hashtag trains is so strong but how effective are they for your posts?

It depends.

There is very little or nothing on Facebook. They don’t improve engagement in posts and prevent reading, so choose 2/3 of the quality.

Instead, it abounds on Instagram, where you can use up to 30 and where - it is proven - they can help you reach new people.

4. Publish only promotional posts

Basically, managing social media doesn’t seem like bad behavior. On the other hand, people who follow your organization’s social page, do it; because they are interested in your product or service, don’t they?


Social media marketing must be organized in such a way as to create useful valuable content for the users you follow. Simply posting self-referencing content doesn't mean keeping promises

In order to properly manage an organization's social networks, you need to create useful and fun posts that help you determine the value of your organization's functional information because they don't just talk about your organization.

5. Don't reply to comments or, worse, delete negative ones

Managing corporate social networks and social media marketing is part of managing a company’s online presence. This is a great responsibility. Because wrong actions compromise the company’s position in real life outside of social networks.

Marketing on social networks consists of different activities and the relevance of what makes your direct relationship with the customer or potential customers is number 1.

However, it happens that you have to interface based on very positive even critical comments or reviews, written lies in the gut.

What is the best way to respond to this situation? No, it's not deleting comments.

The right thing to do is to always respond with courtesy and education, remembering that there are potential N-thousands of people reading and once you press “send” it is forever.

6. Use stock images for posts

People often think that posting stock images is better than posting original shots. Of course, it may seem easier to find photos that you did not create from a site with stock images, but the fact is that stock images are not recognized by the company.

One of the best ways to fully present your corporate identity is to create unique and original content. Being able to create a post that really communicates what you want is what caught your eye because it’s just a winning choice for viewing on your corporate social page.

7. Use your personal profile to talk about your business

At first glance, your personal profile may seem more convenient to talk about your company than to open an organization's page.

In reality, this is deeply wrong, as well as contrary to principle.

Creating an ad hoc agency page lets you find new potential customers for effective paid campaigns and social networks and gather fans for your brand based on your features and their features.

8. Always publish at the same time

When you are busy managing different things in the business environment, you keep a schedule of managing social media as a routine. This may seem like a trivial mistake, but at the same time managing social networks by publishing posts is always to limit the number of people who will see it (famous "reach" or coverage).

Don't you think this argument makes sense?

First of all, you know that not all people are online at the same time and not all people who follow your business page see your post regularly. See to check the statistics on your social page, monitor the progress of posts, and understand what is the best time (and trust me, It will never be one) You should check.

Observing, analyzing, and testing 3 key topics to understand how to manage social networks properly.

9. Publish the same post on Facebook and Instagram

When managing social networks, it is important to keep in mind that each of these channels thinks individually and hosts users, as you can see from the insights of your page, has different features.

For effective communication in each of the channels you use, you need to diversify your content based on the social networks you post.

10. Buy Likes and Followers

In 2021 we don't think it is necessary to specify that buying likes on Facebook or Instagram is a 1000% incorrect practice. But it never hurts to underline. The reason behind buying this mass is because the more people follow the company's page, the more companies will have the opportunity to sell products or services.

To understand how wrong this behavior is, it is enough to re-read the error rules 5. If these people are not really interested in your offer, why are there so many followers or "likes"?

Rather you can invest the designated budget for this activity to improve your social media marketing management plan.

If you have made one or more of these mistakes in the past, it is not serious. Of course, the important thing is that you have now recognized the mistake and are ready to correct it.

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Isabelle Evans