10 Tips for Your Successful

Social Media Promotional Videos

10 Tips for Your Successful Social Media Promotional Videos

Short, exciting, beautiful - this is how we describe a standard promotional video on social media in just three words. But it’s much more than just uploading a great one-minute video to Instagram.

Promotional videos on social media do not work like advertisements on TV. Requirements may also vary depending on the social media channel. But there are some basic rules and questions to ask yourself and your digital marketing team when creating promotional videos online.

1. Length of the video

Social media users like short videos. It shows the success of platforms like TikTok and the popularity of story formats. TikTok's longest videos are one minute long. The previous app Vine (for the rest) videos were only 6 seconds long - and users liked them so the same applies to promotional videos: the spice is short.

Of course, it depends on the platform - the 1 - 2 minute video is pretty good on Facebook. But you should be on Instagram and Twitter whenever you can within a minute. If you want to post longer videos on Instagram, it is better to use the IGTV function.

2. Know the target audience

On social media, you have the ideal condition to get your promotional video to the right audience. You need to know your target audience to do this first. Where is it - in terms of geography and platforms - and how old is it on average? You must show videos of these people using your targeting options on all major social media channels for paid content.

Of course, you should also consider which users will benefit from your video. Regular customers of your company don't need to watch awareness videos and people who have never heard of the company are less likely to order a booking or appointment after their first promotional video.

3. Select platform

The choice of platform is effective because many social media users live on different channels. So you can track them equally on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, the content of your video may be better suited to certain platforms than others.

Your highly informative promotional video about the manufacturing process has received a lot of attention on LinkedIn - the business platform. While more sensitive videos are in good hands on Instagram. However, it varies depending on the organization, target group, and content and it may be convenient to try something new to show users.

4. Adjust the format

Most of the social media users are on smartphones on different platforms. This is why it is so important to process videos in portrait format. No one wants to turn on their smartphone while scrolling, so you'll lose interest from users faster than usual.

It is understandable to familiarize yourself with the various formats so that you know that the 9:16 format is available on Instagram Stories and the 16: 9, 9:16, and 1: 1 format video ads are possible on LinkedIn. If you want to upload your video to YouTube, you must. The format requires it (16: 9).

5. Convince right from the start

This is nothing new: online users have very little time to pay attention. Your video needs to be explained in the first few seconds so that the video does not move. Whether you want to achieve this with a patterned barrier or provide gripping contacts is up to you. Since the video is short on social media, you don’t have to spend time with long introductions and explanations, but directly impress the user.

6. Use storytelling

Not just the beginning, the rest of your video needs to be credible. Users on social media don’t always want a classic commercial from a TV that knows the product such as the product and its price or gadgets they want to hear a story. Stories are told everywhere and to the end for successful online videos.

Instead of pushing yourself back, show how your product or service has changed the lives of customers, using aesthetic imagery and appealing to others as well as satisfied customers. But informative advertising videos that add value to users can also be well received. Here too you need to adapt to your target group and platform to get the best results.

7. Customize Call to Action

You not only want to attract viewers with your promotional videos but also customers in the end. The call to action at the end of the video asks the user to take action. You can choose CTA, but you should pay attention to the content of the video.

If you explain your service in a video or show your product, a CTA in the style of "Find more here" may be useful. However, if you are looking for a booking or purchase, perhaps "book an appointment" or "order now" is probably more appropriate. Ideally, you already have some experience with which your target group can click more CTAs.

8. Quality over quantity

We like visual posts on social media especially on platforms like Instagram. A vague or cheap viewing video can create criticism and persuade users to be subscribers. You don't need Hollywood productions with famous actors and explosive effects. However, there should be a high-resolution video with good light and sound quality.

So instead of ten separate ads, you can deliver a variety to some users that you prefer to focus on a budget for a few budgets that are truly quality. In-house productions may be less complicated but bringing in a professional to get high-quality video can be worthwhile.

9. Add subtitles

If we scroll through Instagram or Twitter, we do it silently on the smartphone. So you have to assume that users don't listen to your video, just watch it. However, subtitles can also be useful on platforms such as YouTube or TikTok, where words are always set by users.

Even after scrolling "silently", users will still be able to see what's being said in your promotional video. For example, if you upload a promotional video to YouTube in Germany, you can add English, French, Italian, or other subtitles so that the clip can be viewed and understood later in Switzerland (or more).

Add subtitles depending on the platform and manage separately. But Google Help provides instructions on how to add subtitles to YouTube and how to create so-called SRT files. Using SRT files, subtitles can be added to videos on many social media channels.

10. Add suitable music

There is a possibility that many users will hear us without listening to your words, but you should work on the audio subject. Because when someone sees and hears the video, you want to be able to provide them with something. In the best case, you have a license for the song you want to use or something from your own production.

If not, you can use unlicensed music to relax your promotional video a bit more. There are websites like the music here or there. Provider provisions should be considered here.

Create your promotional video

If you are aware of these requirements, you are well on your way to successfully landing your social media promotional video. Always remember who is watching your video and what you want to achieve with it - this is how you choose the right channels to show your promotional video. For more promotional activities you can join Joicial. This is one of the top influencer marketing platforms in the world of digital marketing. We wish you success! 

Isabelle Evans