10 Tips To Improve

Your Social Media Strategy

10 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy for your brand is a key aspect of achieving the goal of your marketing strategy. But continuous updates from social networks, as well as trends, force you to make decisions and force your strategy to change some things.

Thus, one of the keys to your social network strategy is that it is flexible and allows you to update it. If you’ve already worked or started working on social networks, you must understand that it’s not about being present on social media.

That’s why we decided to create this post for you so that it can help improve your social media strategy. Are you Ready?

10 Tips That Work Effectively For Your Social Media Strategy

Creating content for social media is just as important as listening to user feedback. You must not forget that social networks are social.

One of the strategies of any social media is flexible. And to address the changes that have occurred throughout the year, we've compiled a list with a few tips that will help you improve it and make the most of it.

1. Update your social profiles

Updating your social profiles will help you position your brand on different brands of social networks. This seems obvious, but when it comes to updating profiles, we can say:

  • Change the cover image from time to time according to brand news or other milestones, such as seasonal changes or sales.
  • Periodically highlight posts on your wall. Don’t be afraid to post different posts depending on your needs.
  • Get the most out of Instagram highlights. Take the opportunity to share news, frequently asked questions, aspects of your brand ... the options are vast.
  • Change your profile picture whenever the event ends. Either because it’s the anniversary of your brand or because you’re joining an initiative.
  • Complete the information on your profile. Social Media makes it easy and convenient to provide information about your brand. Clear where you are, what hours, or if you have a website or blog.
  • Update the link you shared on your profile. In other words, you can usually share your website but only on specific dates like sales or news launches. Change it to redirect the user to where you are most interested in.

2. Organize pools and contests

Contests and giveaways are one more marketing tool that will help you achieve different goals.

Our advice is to make a promotion or any other plan depending on your motives. Followers of one of your social networks you do not want to increase, for example, Facebook. It does not want to restore your database with quality lead.

But if what you are looking for gives your social profiles some spark, you can start an interactive campaign. One great tab creation and with it we're sure your community will have fun and take part are street quizzes.

A dynamic so that some questions or others follow each other depending on the answer.

In this link you can find all the social campaigns you can launch with different marketing strategies. We are sure that there is a perfect mechanics for each brand and each moment. So do not hesitate:

  • Set goals.
  • Choose a stunning prize.
  • Choose your campaign.
  • Select a channel.
  • And reach your goals with Jocial!

3. Work with content calendars

Completing a whole month of content at first can seem a bit tedious. It will take a day or two to get your work done and once you are ready, you can spend time optimizing your strategies and profiles.
Defining a monthly publication will help you:

  • Must be more efficient.
  • Identify potential problems.
  • Estimate the probability of change.
  • Order the frequency of the expression.
  • It's best to distribute the type of publications and channels you use.
  • Maintain a fluent relationship with the client.
  • Take the time to search for trends and stay updated.

4. Schedule the publications

Once the content of the month is defined and approved, program it when you consider it absolutely efficient.
Once determined, you should only spend a few minutes a day checking if the publications are working properly. Spend the rest of your time interacting with other profiles and users.

5. Offers innovative content

It’s also tough to stand out from time to time with so many brands on social networks. Don't despair. All you need is a little imagination, some time and good intellect to find new ways to communicate. Some themes that you can use to impress your followers, for example, product presentations or event communication events. Be sure to innovate and remember that not everything has been done in the social media strategy yet.

6. Includes action calls

Sometimes it will be easier to tell users what they should do than wait. Don’t be afraid to ask your community. From how your weekend is going or what items they expect to sell. Although for the next time we suggest you launch a survey or voting contest. Of course, keep in mind the limitations of each social network when asking users. Not everything is allowed.

7. Know your social audience

This seems obvious but we don't always listen to the users. One of the strengths of working on your content is that it suits your community. There is no point in posting well if your followers are not interested. Practice active social listening so that you have no objections. In this case, with the help of Jocial marketing tips, you can practice active social listening and find out what your social audience is interested in first.

8. Interact and participate in conversations with users

Don't be afraid to interact with other brands, users, and your own followers. This is an aspect that will add value to your brand. If you just dedicate yourself to publishing, you will lose the “social” part of social networks. Also interacting with other profiles will help you improve your brand presence and image. Spend a few minutes responding to comments and chatting with other users.

9. Analyze your competition periodically

Of course, you are not a unique brand, so it is important that your competition is up to date. Our recommendation is that you create a competition report periodically. This way you can identify how your brand is related to the sector.

10. Encourage collaborative content

Betting on user-generated content will really help other users to strengthen their relationship with your community and how your product looks. You can promote collaborative content by starting a photo or story contest. You can use it again as long as you mention it in the legal base.
Turn your clients into brand ambassadors!

What do you think of these tips for improving your social media strategy?  Can you think of any more? Do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section.

To achieve the goal of outer planning, the content of social media needs to be targeted at the next generation. Take advantage of the knowledge in the top 10 points. So that you can make the user happy and create them as your secure customers. Make the best policy so that you can improve your social media strategy effectively. At Jocial, we have all the tools to create content that will drive your social media strategy. Let us know and choose a plan that suits your budget needs.

Stella Palmer