10 Influential

Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

10 Influential Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

A few days ago we explained a few digital marketing terms so that reading the marketing report does not make the mission impossible. But we think it's time to move on. So, we are going to expand this list with 10 more terms. You know that the world of marketing is changing day by day. This does not mean to be converted. Some are being updated and some new strategies are being created. So with these, you need to make your marketing knowledge more sustainable. So today we're here to update you on the latest digital marketing terms that can help you grow your business online. Even if you want to build solid results with them, you can apply it to other marketing aspects. So here we go:

Key concepts to give visibility to your brand
You need to measure a few key points to increase the quality and visibility of your brand. So that the marketing or promotion you provide can be effective. Most people do not know how to get proper visibility and brand value from their marketing strategy. So here are a few keys that will help you with today's marketing features:

Branded Content: Branded content is all content made for our customers. It is content that seeks to connect with the customer on a sensitive level.

These strategies are necessary for customers to maintain a good image of our brand. So that they feel that we are adding something of value to their lives and in no way do they create ideas about the community or family.

Brand advocate: is a person who supports our brand and gives a positive outlook. This person does not have to be related to our brand. This could be, for example, an Instagram influencer who shares the vision of our brand and who wants to collaborate with us.

As we have said, it is important that these individuals present the values ​​of the brand and that they can help us further strengthen our digital marketing strategy.

Buyer persona: It’s an idea that enhances what we know by the target or target audience. Our ideal client is a presentation buyer person. It consists of population data, information, or user inspiration.

As we said, with the creation of your ideal buyer person we create a panel of that person and describe it as if it were a story. We must explain to him what he does, how old he is, what worries him ...

Marketing terms that will help you with your website

These are data and target base marketing points. If you can't target your audience, you may have the right interaction. As you know that influencers can carry a specific community you need to target your own community first. Even if you are not influential, you have to think like them. So that your marketing can get priority to your audience.

Cookies: Of course when you enter a website you will ask yourself, am I accepting cookies? These "cookies" track what we do when we browse a website. For example, analyze the time we spent looking at each product or the time we spent on a page.

This information can be very effective and gives us a lot of information. We can find out which products are most interesting or they can help us get an idea of the issues that concern us the most.

FAQ: these acronyms stand for Frequently Asked Questions. They refer to questions that users often ask us. It is highly recommended that your website has a section with this information as it will prevent you from responding to many people who are interested in learning the same thing. And it will also provide valuable information on your website.

Key concepts for your Email Marketing campaigns
Like other marketing campaigns, email marketing is an effective marketing strategy. Many marketers use this strategy to complete their online marketing deals. But a perfect campaign should go through perfect ways. If you want to get the best response from your audience, you need to measure some key points from your email marketing campaigns.

Bounce: this term is essential for all those who carry out Email Marketing campaigns. We can consider it as one of the main indicators.

What this variable tells us is the number of emails that could not be sent to the recipient. We can differentiate between:

Soft bounce - This problem occurs when there is a temporary problem with a valid email address.

Hard Bounce (hard regrowth rate), refers to the problem that arises when the email address to which we are going is not valid. This can arise from a variety of ideas. Maybe it was misspelled or this address no longer exists.

Engagement: Engagement helps us determine the established commitment between our audience and our brand. This commitment can be achieved through our social networks or through our blog.

It is very important to take care of the relationship with our audience. Because it will allow us to establish more lasting relationships with our customers. And at the same time, it will give them confidence in us, that they feel they are part of our organization or entity.

Concepts to communicate creatively with your audience
Digital marketing is not about getting your products like street hawkers. It sounds funny but it is a real thing online. You need to present your business and services with positive and productive ideas. Platforms for influencer marketing provide the best marketing benefits. Social media influencers can do a lot in today’s marketing life. You can learn more about influencer marketing and strategies from here. But now focus on ideas to communicate with your audience.

Gamification: It’s about introducing game elements into contexts that aren’t sports. This is a strategy that can be applied often. In the case of advertising, it helps to nurture our long-term relationship and build loyalty with both our customers and our employees.

Of course, you’ve seen a few examples of this strategy, such as customers on Instagram, customer point cards, or mobile apps that promote their customers. The good thing about this strategy is that it has no limitations, you can create countless games for your brand.

Storytelling: This is a strategy that works best for communicating with users. It tells stories that reach the hearts of our consumers.

This technique can be used in email marketing campaigns, on social networks, and even in promotional videos. This strategy manages to build sensitive relationships with the client and at the same time helps to grow our human component.

Influential people on social media, like Facebook or Instagram use these ticks proportionately. Promoting story-based content makes viewers stronger. This is how Instagram launched the Instagram Story section. Although Facebook already has options before Instagram, the truth is that it is extremely important.

The term every marketer should know
Neuromarketing: in a discipline that is currently being investigated a lot. This is in charge of investigating the effects that advertising and marketing actions have on our brains and on our minds.

This is a topic where it looks even better in one more post. Because we are increasingly immersed in social networks and online communication. If you want to tell us more about this topic, don't forget to leave us a comment!

We hope this post has helped you expand your knowledge of online marketing. And if you know that you have any questions or feel we can help you with your business, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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